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Issue 21 - Page 13

Somehow I've the feeling he's been running around the place all day, looking for Max. Kid needs a hobby.

In other news, digital graphic novels are now available in the store!

Volumes 0 - 3 of 'Code Name: Hunter' are now available for $10.00 each in either CBR, CBZ, or PDF format. Perfect for comic reading on the go! No worries, the 'Digital Copy' ribbon on the preview images does not appear on the actual pages. Income from sales goes to help offset the new PT costs.

Hopefully there will be some original artist cards and other art popping up in the store within the next few months. We'll see.

Comments [9]:

Carl Foxmarten
Poor kid, he doesn't know that Hunter's in Fae territory right now...
All he knows is his grandma was angry last night and now Max isn't around. :(
Looks like some young mouse has forgotten to tuck his shirt in. For shame.
Max is a bad influence, I swear. Today it's forgetting to tuck your shirt in. Next week it's trying to jump your bike over a bus...
Better a bike over a bus, than a bus over some bikes.
The young prince has grown into his ears. I love how you have drawn him grown up.. well more grown up. :)
I just keep looking at the cane Mister Allen has and wondering......what is hidden inside the Cane of Pain?
oh my goodness, I remember him! He's still so cute! I want to hug him and feed him cookies!
Awww he is so cute