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Issue 21 - Page 12

Hey guys! Welcome back! Thanks for sticking with me during the downtime.

As for what's been happening, I've started seeing a physical therapist for the TOS / wrist trouble. While things have been a little painful so far, there seems to be some progress already. So it's all good.

There will be a slight change to the update schedule for the next few months. The goal is to give me a little more time to adjust to the PT and hopefully see some improvement. For more information about the changes, please click here. Thanks guys!

Comments [20]:

Glad you're feeling better. Hopefully the therapy works for you! Though I wouldn't want you hurting yourself again, so please don't switch to too many updates per week! Or at least wait until you have a comic buffer, so that the extra updates aren't hurting your hand. High quality comics like yours disappear before finishing too often because authors have trouble keeping up the quality and the pace they set for themselves. (Other problems can cause that too) Don't break yourself for your art. I will go back to quietly enjoying your work now...
Thanks. I'll be careful and take it slow. I'm still getting the hang of the PT and all.
I'm glad to hear about the PT, Darc. Just don't push yourself farther than the Therapist allows. As Miyto said, don't break yourself for your art, no matter how loud the Muse. You could cut down to one omic a week and we'd still be happy.
Thanks. I'm being careful and taking my time. I'm trying a new way of sketching that seems to be helping a bit. :D
Chakat Firepaw
Sounds like someone confused the supply contract for an order. With small items government agencies often contract for up to some large number at a given price, this saves the need of tendering every time an office needs a few dozen pens.
Glad hear the PT is working. Thanks for explaining what a Brio is. I googled Brio and found: (Wooden toys.) I was imagining Mr. Allen concluding his telephone conversation then initiating another: "Please have the Screw-Up Fairy come by my office. I should like to have a word with her."
I think the chiro has a set of those Brio toys in his office. Those and the beads on wires set.
I'm glad you're getting PT for your wrist. It may be painful, but as you said, there seems to already be improvement, so you should try to stick with it and then maybe the pain will lessen as well. Good luck! ~Koneko
I will. I picked up a set of resistance bands so I can do some of the other exercises at home as well. As long as I save most of them for the evening they don't get in the way of drawing too much. :D
Hehe, 5,000 ball point pens. Would make sense for Staples, but RCSI? heeeh, sounds like someone added too many zeros.
"Too many pens? Says who? You can never have too many pens."
Alan Walker
No such thing as too many pens, especially in our office. People are always swiping them.
Good to hear about the therapy! PLEASE take it easy, and if you're hurting, don't push yourself. If you miss an update, it's no big deal. Welcome back!
Thank you. I'll be careful. I want to be able to return to some traditional work as well, so the sooner we can get this a bit more manageable, the better. :D
Bic Biro - Also a Douglas Adams imagining, a Biroidal universe where all the lost pens end up living the Biroidal equivalent of the "Good life".
Like a Silicon Heaven for pens.
Iron Ed
Great news about the wrist, Darc! Take your time though. We'll be here. :-) Love the little "tap on the head" to get attention here. Merry Christmas to You & Matt and the varmints!
Heh, just imagine if it was a package coming through. *bonk!*
I don't know the way pens tend to vanish in some settings 5000 might not be too many
They're like socks at times. Got to tie them down so they don't roll away and end up under the radiator.