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Issue 21 - Page 11

It's Thursday which means a new 'Code Name: Hunter' page. As you can see, it's only half complete. Complex backgrounds are evil, but an entertaining kind of evil.

I'll try to have the finished version up tomorrow, but may not be able to complete it until Friday. Which means, there won't be a new page on Friday.

For now, I'm going to grab an ice pack and go to bed. Later guys, and thanks!

All finished. Thanks everyone for being cool about the delay. There was going to be one more page in this sequence, but I think we'll just cut the scene here.

Comments [17]:

Please do have care for your wrist... the results look great.
menacing owl is menacing.
There's a street in my town called 'Greer'. I grin and think of a friendly green goblin every time I pass it. :)
Beautiful as always, Darc, even half finished it's better art than most of the printed graphic novels my friends buy. Take care of yourself, we'd rather have what you can give us than have none at all because you overworked!
"WHOOOOOOO are YOOOOOOOOO?"........ok I'll leave now......
Whoo whoo- whoo whoo..... I really wanna know...
Looking impressive not to sound like a broken record but take care of your wrist.
Deharrods. Do they have branch in London? I've always wondered about that place. Also, Mail Bag: Lovely picture of Ruby. Can't believe anyone could give anyone else a hard time about reading. Utterly counter-intuitive, I don't get it.
With mass media now days its so easy to see, along with very sad. Look at the list of newspapers, magazines that have went online only or folded due to loss in readership
This looks amazing already. I can't wait to see it when it's finished.
A-Hem: "Who let the Deharrods out, who? who?"
I love the coloring of Greer's horse! So cute!
Iron Ed
Greer really does have a pretty horse, doesn't he? :-)
When I saw Greer, I thought of Roosevelt Grier (
MAN! No wonder this took you a while! Plus added fairy dust. Happy Halloween!
What is that talisman hanging from the horns of our favorite young goblin?
It marks him as being allied with/under the protection of Moraine.