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Issue 21 - Page 10

It's Friday which means a new 'Code Name: Hunter' page. Today we learn a little about DeHarrods as well as the fact that Greer has some... interesting relatives. The saying Roderick tells Max to remember about goblins is a play off the Albanian one about Greeks. Personally, I think it can also apply to most of the folks I met in high school so...

I got a little carried away with this one and ended up with a page that was too much for my wrist to handle in one day. As a result, I'll be working on this throughout the day and should have the colors up for you later this evening. Thanks guys.

Done. I managed to go through all of the Ouran High School Host Club anime today just while coloring this. That's a lot of Tamaki. So... much... Tamaki...

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Alan Walker
Never a bad idea to trust but verify. And here Max thought his family had issues!
will Grier certainly a better humor than one might expect for such a thing. Still that's sad and love thing to do to a member of your family especially your own mother
Greer seems to be a bit of an oddball on the goblin front and I guess, as such, understands that generalisations about goblins will be negative... no sense in getting upset about the truth... just more of an incentive to rise above that... even if the choice of aligning with the non-fey exiled is a unorthodox one
William Stevens
Huh. I can't imagine what a Fae would coonsider "illigal". I thought their laws opperated under an "anything you can get away with goes" clause. Although I am amused at the thought of Fae lawyers trying to explain why his client was carrying contiband...
Eeh! Is this a Goblin Market reference? "We must not look at goblin men, We must not buy their fruits." On another note, I love the panel composition for this update, especially the first one. Those trees are beautiful.
Thank you. I had a little too much fun with this one. I'll need to tone things down a bit for next time - spending two full days on page is a little out of my time limits at the moment. :P
Are you sure its not maybe his mother in law he sold to Deharrods? that would make total sense if it was.
One Bonus Point to you! :-D
Oh, he did that AGES ago.
Interesting page.They say there are people that would sell thier own mothers for a buck I guess thats really true among the fea
No disappointment in just seeing the inks with blue-lines. Always find it interesting to see the progression toward the finished product.... almost a little bonus!
Iron Ed
I have a terrible feeling that Greer is going to go the way of Dobby.
Greer has been given a sock!
Well, one story I read had the hero being told "When you've made a deal ...count your fingers and your toes and your relatives." The hero was also told that if he thought he had made a good deal that he obviously made a mistake someplace. Max will be fine as long as he has the others to help him.
Deevils if I recall correctly. Not certain about spelling.
Iron Ed
"Deveels" I've read that series...a few times. ;-)
All the preeety colours....
Seeing this in color and shaded, no wonder your hand couldn't take it... yeesh! All that lovely detail~
You think that's a lot of Tamaki, try reading the manga. There are 13 volumes of that, which has a lot more to it than the anime. Even. More. Tamaki.
I really need to read the manga. There's a box set of the whole series available on Amazon. It tempts me so...
Aurik Marr
I actually met the guy who voices Tamaki in english. :D Until I got to his booth at shoreleave, I didn't realise it was the same guy who voced Broly.
Sheriff: "Madam, when thou dost speak so, I might near believe thou art mine own mother returned." Crone: "Thy mother be dead then?" Sheriff: "Nay, she was sold to a Port Said brothel keeper. Alas, 'twas a miserly pittance he did pay for her."