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Issue 21 - Page 09

It's Thursday which means a new 'Code Name: Hunter' page. Today we find that Ruby's beginning to worry about Max not having returned yet. Also, we see that they have an interesting answering machine greeting.

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HEX the Dark
Awww, how sweet. I love seeing more of their relationship (at last)!
The next major arc is more Max/Ruby heavy. Not to mention containing a plethora of redheads. So... many... redheads.
So many cute details. Love the scribbles on the takeaway menu. And, yeah, I'm trying to see if that's an actual Penguin logo or some derivation of it.
It was meant to be the Penguin logo but when I looked around I realized all the books up in my studio are either comics or art instruction. I'm surrounded by the DC Comics logo! No! So I tried to do it by memory. Same with the other one. I remember seeing a dark, open book logo on a number of spines when I worked in the library. I just can't remember which publisher it was.
That's some good taste in literature they've got.
Ruby's been raiding my bookshelves again.
I just know relished that there Max and Ruby. (Cartoon on Nick Jr.) Heh,
I remember those little bunnies! We had their books at the library I worked at while in high school, too. They're so cute!
Hooray! It's been too long since we've seen Ruby! Tiny nit-pick: Ruby would call it a mobile, or a phone - not a cell. Love the answering machine message; it captures the two of them perfectly.
Oh yeah, good spot. No-one over here calls it a cell. But, you know, so far that's pretty much the only anachronism I've picked up in this comic, the British detailing is usually spot on. And, anyway, parallel world and that...
Ruby spent her teen years in the States, so her word choice is kind of off at times. While I can change it if folks insist, I just don't hear her using mobile. It just doesn't seem right. I always hear her referring to it as a cell. Max... Max I can definitely hear using mobile. Just, not Ruby.
Personally I think it adds to her chsrcter. People pick up lingo and phrases from the places they've lived. Just one example being the use of "where in Sam Hill" out here in the Pacific Northwest. You won't hear that from people who haven't lived in the region for a while, needless to say understand it.
Was wondering how Ruby was going.... she was not feeling so good when we last saw her but at least the next day has her feeling physically better if not emotionally... and if I remember right, she had just tempted fate with words along the lines of "What trouble could Max get into at the palace?"... could be regretting them about now....
Ruby really should remember the all important rule... never say anything along the lines of, "what could possibly go wrong?" The universe loves a challenge.
Saying, "Is that the best you can do?" is also tempting fate. Likewise, "I am invincible!" is just a loose translation of "Shoot me now!" On the other hand, in a post catastrophe situation, exclaiming that "Nobody could have survived that!" will bring back any missing party member alive and well. All members of your party should be instructed not to answer any questions if he or she becomes seriously wounded. Answering important questions at such times either causes death once the information is imparted (causing your friends to swear vengeance against the villain who killed you, as if that would do you any good at that point)or you would frustratingly die in mid sentence. Therefore wounded people should never give anyone important information until a physician says they are out of danger.
Oh it is so good to see Ruby, I have missed her a lot these last couple of issues. I love the little pause before she has to admit she is worried, almost like, "damn you, I hate you for having me say this..." As much as she has that rough exterior, it is good to see she has a good heart.
Yay! More Ruby!