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Issue 21 - Page 08

It's Friday which means a new 'Code Name: Hunter' page. Man, that gray hair comes in quickly, doesn't it? *laughs* I started seeing gray in my hair earlier this year. The number of gray strands that have popped up over the last six months is surprising. It seems every time I look in the mirror I see a few more. I'm only in my mid-thirties! I'm too young for this nonsense!

As for Emily's slower aging no, she doesn't have any abilities with magic. Mass exposure to magic has been known to slow down the aging process in non-mages. As for retiring, neither Emily nor Allen have shown any real interest in doing so at this time.

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Holy Crap! She doesn't age? Being an aspect sure does come with some cool perks.
Nope, no aging. She can still die - murder, accident, illness - but she no longer ages.
I wonder, if someone emerges who would be better suited to incorporate her Aspect and willing to do so - what happens? Will she retain her youth and will be aging from that point, or will she age instantly? Or, maybe, Aspect needs to be "freed" from mortal coil of previous Incarnation before reincorporation, thus invalidating all 'will/will not' dilemma?
Well I wasn't expecting THAT - I'd thought that it was an old Mori making herself look young (in case she saw Spooky), but instead it's the other way around! Nice one!
Thanks. :D
Carl Foxmarten
Huh. I was wondering why she was looking so young earlier...
Yep, that's why.
Personally, I think older Emily looks terrific (but maybe because I'm the age she looks). I presume Allen is also benefitting from this effect too.
Seconded, and I'm nowhere close to her age. >:3
I do too. She wears the hairstyle and suit well.
Ron Bauerle
So her grandson will never become king? She can't keep this up past her 110th birthday or so - what then?
We'll have to wait and see. *evil grin*
There's always a quiet abdication when the time comes.
With that wedding band on Emily's hand I'll bet Allan and her married. In addition to their love for each other they don't have to hide the slow aging from each other.
That would certainly make sense. But this whole not-aging thing is going to cause more problems for Moraine and the royal family than it solves.
NEAT page. DArn maybe I missed something but thats settled. Last we saw of Allen he was carrying Moraine and likely to be fired if not in trouble for treason. (disobeying the Princess and manhandling her)
AYAD will show what happened to Allen after the fallout from the 'Fairy Tale' arc.
Chakat Firepaw
Not only out of the camera's eye, but having a look which is within reason. I've known about half a dozen people who looked to be no older than their fifties when they were over seventy.
Wwwwwwwow! This is AWESOME! This is stunning...
Thank you! *blush*
Wow. I have to say that this single page is now my favourite of the entire series. It reveals so much and yet is simple. It conveys so much in what has to have become a standard situation both the Queen and Emily go through daily. Thank you, Darc. This is simply magical (pun intended)
I also love how this panel snuck up on me. At first you think we are still part of the flashback and yet there are subtle hints (the kind that Darc loves to give) that not is all as you see. A young queen with someone we believe it Emily but she doens't look like Emily. At first I thought it was a few years gone by, not sixty. This just shows you how well Matt and Darc can tell a story. All the clues are there, if you but know where to look.
Thanks! I was hoping to keep their faces a little hidden until this page's reveal but the page layouts had other ideas. :D
I figured Moraine was immortal and/or was able to change her appearance with magic in the previous two pages. I was not expecting Emily or Allen to age slower than the average person due to heavy magic exposure. I thought only actual mages aged slower. Well done Darc. Also, Emily is one fine looking woman. Pretty good for being 70ish.
Thanks. Most folks don't come across enough prolonged, heavy magic exposure as Emily, Allen, and the early agents did.
Meh, looking like you're 50 when you're 70 isn't unheard of. Just look at Dick Clark, or William Shatner.
So, since the Queen is an Aspect, Why hasn't she done something about the situation in Astoria? She must whiled more power than there nobles.
Probably respecting their sovereignty.
Sometimes, having power actually makes it more difficult to do anything with it.
Using her full Aspect abilities can be very dangerous for everyone, not just her enemies.
choo choo george
Hi Darc, having a few gray hairs even at 30 means you're very intelligent and think too much and hard. Also working on CN:H and trying to maintain a schedule will do that to you, so you know what you need to do, relax and take it easy. Trying to please all of us isn't worth it if you get old too fast.
I've been trying to keep the weekends work-free. It seems to be helping a bit. :D
choo choo george
Well that's a start, just remember, anytime you feel tired or a bit overwhelmed, take a good solid break, maybe enjoy a hobby, like I do with model RR. Or take a nice walk in a park you like, just to get away from the workload for a while.
Iron Ed
Irregardless of aging magic, Moraine looks very good in that last panel. Emily's doing well too. I really like the expressions in that panel overall.
I sense awkward questions being asked when she gets over the chronological age of 90 or so, given that she'll exhibit no senescence related diseases or diminishment. Also, Aksmet still is eating comments from my normal email,
ok so shes an Aspect, duds that mean that the Queens know that and just play along with her mortal act? Also when the time comes, she can just have an 'accident' and go to the fay world with her beloved Roderick! lol