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Issue 21 - Page 07

It's Thursday which means a new 'Code Name: Hunter' page. This one was a bear to do. Sometimes the simplest pages are the biggest pains in the butt to work up. But, I'm happy with the result.

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HEX the Dark
Disable Adblock? Done!
Thanks! We'll do our best to keep annoying ads under control. :D
Disabled AdBlock too.
Thank you! :D
Wow. She's already become an Aspect, hasn't she? I can think of no other way that a woman of almost 80 would look...well, like she did 55 years before...
And the better question is, if she has the body of a 25-year-old, why'd she glamour herself to look at least 75 on Treaty Night? Wouldn't the Seasonal Queens have respected her more if she didn't hide her physical condition?
You have to ask yourself, just who is she hiding from?
I am confused?
She's hiding the fact that she hasn't aged, as well as the fact that she can actually do magic, from her people. Only a few folks know Moraine can use magic at all and even fewer know what level she's actually capable of. That's why she didn't show how she really looks to the Fey Queens on Treaty Night. Emily, on the other hand, knows the truth and is one of Moraine's closest confidants.
I wonder what the cover is for when the inevitable questions that'll start coming after she's 200+, 300+ years old... Or maybe the cat'll be outta the bag then and they'll have some way of explaining magic usage to the populace...
eric bloedow
i seem to remember several stories where someone faked her death and pretended to be her own daughter...oh,maybe i'm thinking of the online comic "magellan", and the strange story of "gola beh". (she wound up pretending to be her own niece, and called herself "Olga")
My guess is that she'll eventually step down, they'll hold a big state funeral for some Minor Image, and her grandson will get the throne. What she does from there is up to her. I have a theory, but if that's the plan, well... spoilers aren't appreciated. Meanwhile, disabled adblock on the site and gave you a clickthrough. :)
Loving the relationship between these two. You can sense Moraine's intense weariness and how much she relies on Emily for support.
Thanks! Mori needs a few folks around her who can offer support with the things she doesn't want everyone to know. Things would just get too overwhelming otherwise.
ABP disabled for CodeNameHunter... Interesting to see how Mori and Emily's relationship has changed over the years. Both have assumed greater roles that have adjusted their status, both with the public and their personal interactions.... and we see Mori has a big secret that possibly not even the head of RCSI knows... but it is always easier to keep a secret when you have someone you trust to share it with...
Too true. And thank you!
Scotty K.
The lighting is gorgeous in this scene. Very well done. There's been a lot of emotion in these past couple of pages, you can just feel it. Love it!!
Jack of Clubs
You might want to consider adding a Top Web Comics banner up there near the Digg an Facebook buttons. It allows folks like me, who don't use Social Media, to support comics we like without losing anonymity. If you don't like their default artwork you can add your own, as these folks did:
Disabled Adblocker here, and this page is just... beautiful. Wow...