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Issue 21 - Page 06

Hey guys. Thanks for sticking with me through the downtime yesterday. I really appreciate it!

I think most folks have likely figured out who Moraine's companion here is. If not, you'll find out soon enough. As for why Mori looks so young... you'll find that out soon too.

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Iron Ed
For a minute there I thought the companion was "Jones", from Gunnerkrigg Court. :-) (I like cameos!)
I don't read 'Gunnerkrigg Court' so I'm afraid I don't know who that is.
She does indeed remind one of Jones! Only with, you know, a tail. And fur.
Emily looks so poised and beautiful in second panel.amazing art as always.
She had to grow up eventually. Thank you.
Wow, doesn't Emily look all grown up and poised? Loving the muted colour palette and the way the page design adds to the reserved Britishness of the dialogue. Also, while I'm here, big ups for the spectacular AYAD and heart-breaking Mail Bag pages. Bittersweet doesn't cover it.
Thank you! I've been playing with lighting and glows lately and wanted a darker room for this scene. It's been interesting to see how the pages turn out.
Been a while since I've commented on here. Emily looks nice. Certainly more professional.
Thanks. Age has lent her some maturity... and gray hair.
eric bloedow
at first i thought Emily's necklace was a common cross symbol, then i realized it's a sword! very nice.
Yep! It's the same type of necklace Ruby was wearing in Issue 9.
The three child Mailbag-response is great! Ideally an art piece captures a moment's worth of emotions; you response captures three of them.
Thank you!
Wait... Where did the Links page go?!?
Links are now in the sidebar.
Oswald and Girl Genius are both missing. I used to get there by Link Page chaining from DMFA to Here and over. As it stands now, I have added them to the Firefox tabs I never close. *Shrug*