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Issue 21 - Page 03

While the adjustment went well for the wrist, I'm still having some leftover discomfort. I go back in for my regular adjustment this weekend. Depending on how things go, I may end up needing to cut back on updates for a bit to help reduce some of the strain. Hopefully not, but we'll have to see.

For now, remember... if someone gives you a protection spell in a bag, don't open it. You'll just void the warranty.

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Hello Greer and another thing learned about him. Just take care of yourself some updates are far, far better than no updates
Hopefully we won't have to go that route. I've been trying to increase the quality of the pages, which I greatly enjoy. But, the time it takes to do each page is also increasing and I'm finding my body can't handle being crouched over a screen for eight to ten hours a day. This is probably why most full page, full color webcomics only update once a week unless they have a team behind them.
I've been loving the comic for its whole run, no matter the visual complexity. Simple, B&W toned pages are just as lovely as the full-color ones. (Granted, I also read XKCD, and that is literally stick figures.) Do what you can handle right now. :)
Darc, maybe Greer could whip up a wrist pain easing spell for you. Greer is one amazing young Goblin. One can wait to see what other delightful tricks that he has up his sleeves.
Possibly a bit too over ambitious, but I've wished things of the same caliber for myself. Bum ankle, and two knees that burn if I try to stand too quickly. Also both wrists have the deffinite signs of tendonitis. A series of sharp loud pops from one wrist got me talking to my doctor.
I don't know about a wrist protection spell, but a shoulder/collarbone one would be awesome. The main source of the trouble is actually nerves being pinched up in that area with the effects radiating down the arm. Once it begins to affect it to the point I lose my ability to close my hand, I feel justified in stopping work for a bit. Not so much if the shoulder/neck area is sore and tingly.
Just wishful thinking, even though I made an error in guessing. If wishes were fishes, as my grandma used to say. In any event, I do hope that you take it as easy as you can and your wrist/shoulder/colarbone troubles ease a bit.
Dash it all, Darc, stop before your hand completely fails to close! We luv you too much to be happy seeing you disabling yourself!
And apparently using the heart emote disables the rest of the comment... Previously "-! I hope you feel better, and will continue to improve your health!"
Oh yikes. I've had a very similar recurring problem (and yeah, it makes drawing pretty much impossible when it gets bad). Take care of yourself. I think most of us have stuck around because we love the story you're telling and showing us, and are going to be here regardless of whatever pace you need to take with it.
In most stories fae are powerful with magic but not very creative. Being around his human allies may have inspired him to grow quickly compared to other fae. Immortal creatures usually have no reason to change until they have to, humans are always trying new things. Greer could be learning years or decades of things because of the phrase. "Could this work?"
True enough! :D
Hmm... That bag / spell might come in handy for the future, especially around some Astorian nobles...
Unfortunately he can only make a few at a time. They take a lot of 'oomph' to create and Greer's magic is a little more limited. I figure most of the agents in Fey have one that they save only for special missions.
Looks like Greer is repaying the trust placed in him in spades.
He has to protect is friends after all. They keep insisting on doing dangerous things and might get hurt.
Love that central panel. There's no logic to the way it's lit and coloured, it just looks great. You can only really do that in comics.
The logic was 'I so do not want to draw a background here.' *laughs* But I'm hoping it will help draw attention to that panel as well as Jinx's explanation of what the bag does.
Do not void the warranty on your arm.
Love that last panel. I am definitely warming up to Greer.
I wonder if she loves the potential for chaos, likes to protect her allies... or might be taking a fancy to him here. Maybe all three?
Iron Ed
I'd guess all three; but, you have to remember boyfriend pickings are pretty slim where Jinx lives. :-(
Darls Chickens
Please don't risk injury or lasting damage. What update schedule is worth that? Jinx's "gimme four" gesture makes me smile. Does she mean the spell comes with four, or that only four remain?
Iron Ed
Nice expressions 'practice' here, Darc! I am particularly fond of Jinx's in panel three and Hunter's in panel six.
choo choo george
Ah, Jinx is one beauty, love here long ponytail, and Darc, will you please quit worrying about your dam schedule. You have to take care of yourself first or there might not be any CN:H episodes in the future if you over exert yourself just to keep us happy. I as well as all the other fans of this terrific webcomic can wait. So just take it easy and relax, dam it.
He is right if you aggravate your arm and it takes longer to heal later you will miss more time than waiting for a heal up now. If you need to slow down or stop for a bit we will miss the updates but that is better than not getting them anymore. Can't just go down to the hospital and get a spare arm yet so have to take care of what you have.
Take it easy, man. We can wait.
Here's hoping your wrist heals soon, Darc! Wife and I both are praying for you. :) Still loving every page of the comic. *sneaks a hug for Greer*
I'm curious why you chose to have the spell pouch work four times. Three (and seven) seem to be the "magic" numbers that show up most often in tales.
No particular reason, other than it's a nice round number, easy to track in your head when you're running hard, and there's no reason not to. Let's just say that it's useful to have it be four and leave it at that.
Not to mention easy to remember when you've got four digits per hand/paw/whatever. :-)
Four is also a sacred number, if you think about it. Four Seasons, marked by the Equinoxes and the Start of Summer/Winter. Four Cross-Points, that mark the halfway points between (Beltane, Samhain, etc). Then add in the 4 fingers to a body with 4 limbs. Lots of symbolism there! :)
I think you're going in a great direction, quality over quantity. I know you don't like to delay feeding your 'Fan family', and like Labradors we'll take as many feedings as you give us. The full payback of great story and skillful art can be slow in coming; the appreciation now is only the tip of the Treasure chest, and the kudos for these pages are still going to be rolling in when you're in the Old Artist's Home for Wild Women. You've hit the level of producing timeless material, even though it cost you a lot to produce it.
Agreeing Admirer
Well said. Well said.
Part of me thinks after the first two fireballs bounce back at the caster, a SMART wizard would start casting very small healing spells. Once they finally overwhelm the reflection protection, the target is only aided a small amount. And THEN you whallop 'em with that fireball!
Yeah, but what kind of loon has ranged healing spells? ;)
You use a ranged healing spell when you don't want to have to touch someone that's potentially contagious. Or messy, with all that bleeding everywhere. Strains and stains can be avoided.
Please submit that one to
Martin Owens
I have wrist issues myself. Whatever you do, don't ruin your health.I love your series, but don't do yourself a permanent injury here.