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Issue 21 - Page 02

Yeah, yeah, it's sketchy. If you follow me on Tumblr you know that my wrist has been acting up for the last few days. I pushed to get as far as I could, but ended up having to stop here for the moment. I'm going in for an adjustment this morning, so hopefully will be able to finish the page sometime Saturday - my hand's usually useless the day of an adjustment.

Sorry for the delay.

Inks down. Color will be up this evening.

All done.

Comments [22]:

The sketchy look is kinda AWESOME, actually. And stop apologizing, darn it! Health comes first! We can wait!
I suppose sketchy will work, though shady work is definitely better than sketchy work. In all seriousness though, you're giving us a wonderful story and beautiful artwork for free! I think we can handle a bit of a delay for the sake of your health.
Seconding! Also, it's fun to see good artwork in progress. It adds that much more appreciation for the work that went into the finished product. Take as much time as you need, Darc. Your health always comes first.
I do so because I was taught that if one is unable to do something they said they would, they should acknowledge that fact and apologize. It shows respect for others as well as for yourself. I feel it would be very rude of me not to.
Well, you come across very self-effacing. I do like that we get kept in the loop. I was reading another comic currently on indefinite hiatus, paradigm shift, which was a wonderful read but about 12 months with no updates and no word from the artist... Certainly to your credit Darc.
Ah, so my distraction is working... No, of course that's not a cape sticking out from under my sweater. Heh, don't be silly...
Better a sketch update than NO update. Get well soon.
Your work is stunning no matter if it is finished or not! Hope your wrist feels better!
I hope your adjustment goes well and your wrist feels better. And don't let whiners upset you. If they can't be patient for this, the rest of life is really going to suck for them. Good luck! And the sketchy does look cool in it's own way, so it's not that big of a deal.
Actually, I like the Sketchy. It gives a look into all the hard work you put into just one of the pages. The barrel-bodies of the horses with their delicate heads. The way you adjust the typical 'blank face' to account for snouts and ears. It's the Art of ART.
I kinda like the sketchy page. Shows the steps of a work in progress. I wouldn't mind seeing this more often. The continued health of one of my favorite we comic artists is important. Take all the time you need to properly heal/recover. I'm patient enough to be able to wait a few extra say for your awesome artwork.
As always, take care of yourself and your wrist first. I am happy to wait for an update knowning that it doesnt cause you pain to draw it. :) P.S. the sketchy is kinda cool!
Yeah, I love to see the sketches, too. But I have to ask the big question that everyone's wondering... Why the two colours? Is it just to keep things separate for when you do the inks?
It looks like the blue pencil is basic sketch, red is more refined detail.
Sort of. I sometimes sketch characters on different layers. That way I can draw the whole body to help get the proportions down, then erase the bits I don't need once I'm happy with the pose. When two characters are close to each other I use a different color so I can tell which lines belong to which critter. And then sometimes I just forget to switch back to the original color.
choo choo george
Darc, quit apologizing for your wrist, I know I've mentioned this before, we can wait for your terrific work.
Impressive, indeed as said health comes first
Iron Ed
I love the first panel with Part leaning on Max. Reminds me of scratching the chest of my friend's horse and he -leeanned- on me! 1400+ lbs of Fresian with his head hanging over my shoulder! // I agree with Sulnim, TomRedlion about the sketches illustrating your work. Nice!
Amused Admirer
Woops. Forgot that this thing is updating more frequently now. Silly me. Looks good.
Aurik Marr
Jynx looks a bit sinister in that last panel.
Iron Ed
"a bit sinister" looks good on Jinx, :-) but I really like her in the second panel!
Iron Ed
There are a -lot- of interesting characters in CN:H, main and side. Gadel was my favorite side character, now Jinx is right up there. Feeling sorry for both may have affected my judgement. ;-) Now Partner is moving up with the pose in this first panel. :-)