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Issue 20 - Page 23

Seems Scotty was interested in the story after all...

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Spot on timing for Spooky.
He's good at that.
The knight is right next to you Scotty
Scotty: "Nah! That's just Mr. Spooky."
Scotty's face there just makes me laugh. If someone can be comically distraught, that's it.
Scotty, Sherri, and Sue have been a lot of fun to draw. Writing them has been a bit of a challenge, though. I'm not around kids much since leaving the library job, so I don't have as strong a sense of how children speak and behave.
around childern a lot or not you've done very well with them
I think you did a great job. Considering where they are and the daily risks in their lives the fact they act so much like kids elsewhere is frankly amazing
LOL I got so caught up, I forgot this was a story and all about Nyx!
Curses! You've seen through my ruse! ;D
Add me to that list... wow. It's hard to remember this is a story/flashback, when it's all so engaging.
M. Peach
But what happened next?! (By that I mean between the Queen leaving Spooky behind and then showing up with tanks and stuff. I really want to know what happened.)
That's what the side series, 'A Year and a Day' will be about. It'll start September 30th.
Mike B.
You are a fantastic writer/artist. I love this comic. Keep up the fantastic work! Every day I keep wanting more and more, except sometimes I have to wait and it's sad.
I agree with Mike B., and more.
Saddened Admirer
Poor Allen. He basically just committed an act of treason. Will probably end up branded as a traitor.
Ok, you're gonna have to drop a hint in one of the upcoming comics about Allen's fate though. :)