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Issue 20 - Page 22

The second part of the spread. In case it's not clear what Allen and Emily are referring to... they're both fairly certain Allen will lose his job over this.

Most employers don't appreciate being slung over your shoulders and carried off like a sack of potatoes. Especially when they're saying 'stop' and you don't.

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Nicely done. However, the safety of the Queen overrides any orders she may give to the contrary. That might not save Allen's job, but, he's doing the right thing.
Depends. The fact that he did his job in spite of direct orders to the contrary could also save it once Moraine calms down.
Of course, that's if she doesn't just fire him on the spot. And once she fires him, it's sorta like burning a bridge...
Moraine's a kind woman. Once she's calmed down I'm sure she'll realize this was the best move. Once Allen and Emily calm down as well, they'll realize that Mori will understand. It's just at the moment emotions are running high for everyone.
That last panel. Devastating.
Thank you. I was originally just going to show the gate being closed, but that didn't read well.
Very nice two page spread! That dynamic pose with Allen carrying off Mori in the last two frames is a very difficult and complex combination of body positions and balance to get right, and in my opinion, you nailed it! Very well done!
Thank you! *blush* I haven't been doing much sketchbook practice these last few months, so I'm trying to push things in the comic more. Sometimes it works. Other times... not so much. This time I'm actually pretty happy with the results.
Actually I think Mr. Allen has to worry about his position. Why? Mori is still a princess here. While she may make recommendations to her father on whom to hire and fire, the final decision is his. Also, Mr. Allen's orders from his highness may along the lines of, "You will protect Princess Morriane from danger at all costs. Including laying down your life for her." So Mori's orders to stop do not override her father's orders, which have a higher priority in his mind.
This sentence should "Actually I think Mr. Allen has to worry about his position." should read "Actually I think Mr. Allen does not have to worry about his position." We need an edit button. :=/
In the modern peerage, each peer is solely responsible for their employees. Allen and Emily work for Moraine and take their wages from her. Allen is Moraine's butler, and not employed by the Royal Family in general. This affront to Moraine's dignity is probably not going to look good on his next performance review. :)
There would also be the general fear of losing your job. There were a number of folks in the domestic service trade during this time. Meanwhile there were fewer and fewer jobs available as many peers and wealthier families found themselves facing increases in taxes. The increase in new labor saving devices was cutting into the available jobs as well. Losing your position had the potential of leaving a black mark on your job history, making it even harder to find new work. While we understand that Mori would likely not fire Allen, to him and Emily losing their jobs would be a very real fear. It's actually one of the reasons Allen cautioned Emily not to get too familiar when we first met him. He was trying to protect her from doing something that might potentially get her sacked. Deep down they both know Mori is a kind person, but that fear is still going to be there. Additionally, Mori isn't the only person who's a little wound up emotionally at the moment. Allen may hide things better than the two women, but realizing that Mori can zap energy from folks and blast it back out at others would have been quiet a shock. He's just not in a position where he feels he can fully respond to that at the moment.
Bob Cleveland
Although it has not been expressly mentioned, there is the point that the butlers and footmen of the royal houses are sometimes the last line of defense for the royals.
I think it is great that Allen is able to realize that part of his job is to ensure the safety of the Princess, even if she is ordering him not to. She is to be Queen over several million folks and she is far more important and Allen realizes it. Very awesome job at illustrating the action of the scene!!
If there's one thing that stands out to me among the other awesome things in this panel, it's the way you've captured the emotion of all the characters: Allan's dogged determination, Emily's fear and near-panic and Mori's emotional despair. Fantastic work!