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Issue 20 - Page 21

Poor Allen. While he's doing the best thing for Moraine, she's not thrilled with his actions at the moment.

This is part one of a two page spread. I've still a bit of shading to do, but wanted to post what's finished for now. The fully shaded version should be up in a few more hours. All done! The second half will go live Thursday. For now, I'm going to bed. Night all.

Comments [10]:

I think Puck is on his way and he's not happy.
Jenora Feuer
Of course, when Moraine calms down, she will realize that this was, in fact, the right decision. This realization will NOT make her any happier about the whole affair.
You can practically hear the dramatic orchestral soundtrack banging in here, can't you. Run! Can't wait to see the whole double spread.
Wm. Van Ness
You mentioned a "Side Series"; I'm afraid I must have missed any earlier references, so could you please explain what it is & where to find it?
The side series will be starting later this month. We had to wait until the "Fairy Tale" arc was finished before it could begin. It'll follow Mori's attempts to control her magic and will cover the months leading up to the treaty creation. This way we can get back to the main storyline while still seeing what young Moraine was up to.
That side series sounds very interesting! Just don't push yourself too hard, Darc!
Another confrontation approaches.
I can just imagine Spooky's line after this spread. "Hello Puck. You want me so bad? Come and get me!"
That is one brave butler.
The safety of the Queen trumps any orders she may give to the contrary...