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Issue 20 - Page 19

It's been a strange last few days, but we have an update. Sorry again for missing Tuesday's. Whatever bug I caught hit suddenly like a roundhouse kick to the gut and knocked me on my butt.

I'm trying to get back into working with the sketchbooks. My hope is doing some practice work will help not only work out some of the constant pressure in my knuckles, but also help with my confidence. It's been shot to hell over the last year between all that's been happening and just generally running out of spoons. It's... been a little rough.

So if I go quiet now and then or take a few days longer to respond than normal, please forgive me. That's just me pulling away a bit to give myself a little quiet to get back on even footing.

If you'd like to help, there's one simple thing you can do - no, it won't cost you a dime, don't worry. Mainly, please be understanding. Most of you are and I love you for it! But some of you can get a little hurtful at times. Before you send a post off, please read over what you've written and ask yourself if that's something you would appreciate hearing. This isn't me saying don't have different opinions or debate possible outcomes and ideas. No, that's not it at all. It's just... try to remember that Matt and myself are also living, breathing people, not puppets on the other side of the screen. We'd appreciate it.

Thanks guys.

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Darc, you and Matt are also two people that have spent a good, long time getting to where you are - both in your considerable talents and your appreciation of others. I can think of no other way to respect that than for folks to reciprocate as much as possible. I have enjoyed the stories, and their development. Thank you, both, for providing them. Please, by all means, continue them at the pace which feels right to you.
Great page love the expressions. especially Mori's in last panel
I forgot that she didn't know about this. Poor Mori! I don't imagine she'll take it well. I hope she won't waste a boon trying to release him, though. We know it won't work, and the fallout could be bad. Right now, Mori needs to be a ruler first and a person second. Hard, but unavoidable. I think that she might choose to stay with him, if she were free. Sadly, she isn't.
Hope you feel better soon!
Casual Notice
Darc, don't forget that you're not alone. If you guys need or want help with some filler, the folks over at TWCL will gladly step in if you only ask (I'm still in contact with a fair number of members of the old crowd as well). I'm also happy to provide Matt with an alibi the next time a "fan" with an "opinion" upsets you. No questions asked. ;-)
Darc, if I may offer a suggestion: Ditch the "Slacker Tracker" on the left side of the page. None of us here are your employers, demanding to have a reckoning of how your time is being used when you miss a regularly-scheduled installment of CN:H. If having that thing there is adding to your stress, then dump it. Just let us know when you've been thrown a curve ball, and we'll be waiting here like faithful puppies for our next glimpse of the world you and Matt have created.
I second that Noonstar. Darc, your understanding and loyal fans appreciate you and your work, not your time table. Lose the tracker.
Hey guys. Darc has said that the tracker is more for her than anything else. It exists as a reminder that she's not actually slacking off and can have the occasional missed update. Think of it as a goal she's set, and not as a hard limit.
Agreed. A slacker tracker suits people (like me!) who need a bit of a kick to get to work, but you seem more like the sort of person who doesn't *stop* working!
D 'oh - took so long to write my comment that I missed Matt's reply. Just ignore me...
Darc, first of all I'd love to give you a big hug. You have no reason to lack confidence, dear lady. You have a wonderful and beautiful talent that many of us envy and wish we had. I know it really sucks when illness or medical problems slow you down. I've been there too often myself. Take care of yourself, and proceed at the pace that works for you. Most of us are willing to be quite patient, and just love seeing your wonderful work.
Seconded 100%. Don't ever believe that there's anything wrong with either your writing or you art. The page above is proof enough that you know exactly what you're doing. And as to scheduling; some comics I read update once a day, some once a week, some... whenever. I don't mind, I'm just grateful they exist at all. Your schedule is set by you, not us and you can make it as flexible as you want.
I will mirror many of the comments here. You and Matt deserve to have a life. For the most part you are doing this comic cause you love it and it is your dream to complete and share it. There was a time you were making some money with it and there are other times when you were doing it with no pay. WHen you were making some money (not nearly the amount of the actual worth of the work you do), there were some people who felt they suddenly had the right to make demands of you and/or their suggestions on how to make the comic "better" were some how valid because they were giving you 1-5 dollars a month. The world doesn't work this way folks. I would personally like to say to Darc and Matt that I have thoroughly enjoyed what you both have shared over the many years. I own all the compiled trade books that have been made available and i have donated when I could, why? Not because I want to demand something, but because I feel the joy and entertainment I have derived from CN:H over the years is valuable and it is only right to pay someone for that when I am financially able. You both are loved by our community here, tho sadly there are the occasional trolls, but then no matter what you do in life, there will always be trolls. Thank you both for everything and i look forward to the bright future. Brighttail
choo choo george
Darc, I'm very annoyed that you put us readers ahead of yourself and Matt, for goodness sake, stop it!!!! You are not under any demands or schedule to maintain for us, if you feel down or overwhelmed just drop us a simple note, without sounding so sorry it about it. You & matt have put together a truly wonderfully terrific story and we can all see it's a labor of love. And we all love it. BUT, don't feel obliged to us to constantly put the story out no matter how you feel or what life throws at you. You're both human and we all need a break sometimes. So please stop being so sorry when you can't make a scheduled episode, we'll gladly wait. Cause if we lose you we all would be devastated. So take the time, relax, recoup and take life one step at a time. JUST DO IT!!!