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Issue 20 - Page 18

There are just six more pages to go in this issue. Yay! A "Mail Bag!" comic or two should be showing up sometime over the weekend. Still so much to do!

Thanks guys!

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Will the price of the boon be what drives Moraine into action?
It seems that things have begun. you have me on the edge of my seat Darc. I can't wait to see what's next
But this is all a flashback, things began a long while ago!
So, no trickery then, just MASSIVE PAIN! Good to see Spooky's OK, though.
It was a flashback... so...
And now the FUN begins...
Loving this last huge story arc, Darc. It is so nice to get the back story of the full series! (Tho Still waiting on Blomburg Sp?) Can't wait to see Max and Ruby and Doodle again!
Ah Brumborg NM! :)
Question, if the Queen would use her third boon, would she still remain in the real world but under the 'control' of Spooky or would she be forced into the Fey realm to live out her life there with him? If so, that isn't such a bad thing in the end if they are together and she can pass on her crown to her grandson, then go be happy with Spooky.
Akismets still eating my comments... it tells me my comments are spam when I use Anywho,Puck is going to be PISSED... or highly amused someone outfoxed him... or both. He seems like that sort guy.
Please EMAIL us when there's a problem. Do not use the comments.
Iron Ed
Happy Birthday to Hunter & Co! (...unless I've been misinformed. ;-)) Thanks for all the pleasure, Darc & Matt!!!
...and get well soon.
Amused Admirer
Is it just me, or did our friendly fey look a bit more feniminine right there? Heh.
Iron Ed
His inner 'Faye' is showing. ;-)
Take as long as you need re: being sick. We can wait, your health is more important!
Darc, once again, I'm telling you: NEVER APOLOGISE FOR BEING SICK. We can wait.
Agreed. Take care of yourself, We will happily wait till you are of sound body.
I hope you get better soon! Everyone deserves to be allowed sick days and they can be quite sudden. I'll patiently wait for the update. ~Koneko
see you Thursday get well
Get better soon. Don't let those angsty people get to you and know that you're a better person than them because you aren't that petty. Take as long as you need.
Feel better quickly. I'd say not to let the jerks get into your head, but I know all too well that it is easier said than done. I just always try to keep in mind that it's much easier for people to dump on creators than it is to create something themselves.
Oh come on! Those guys over at that other comic Code Name Hunter are sooo much better about updating! :3 (In all seriousness, though, hope you feel better!)