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Also known as an oncoming migraine.

2014-08-21 00:22:12 
whoever is telling the story they must have been there to witness it. Because I don't really think that spooky will be able to recall all of this as his memory is white in fact I probably lost all memory of the day save the cost of what he did in order to secure this safety for his people and his queen
2014-08-21 06:27:22 
Gillian's got some special talents...
2014-08-21 14:57:10 
Maybe Gillian has heard descriptions of how the spell works? Though yes, I seem to remember Darc saying that some of the story may be made up, exaggerated, or otherwise inaccurate.
2014-08-21 02:26:54 
...and then he heard, "Take two aspirins and call us in the morning. No wait, you can't. Bye now!"
2014-08-21 12:07:17 
MAJOR migraine incoming.. Seen a few Doctors tht would be prefectly happy to never hear from various patents again
2014-08-21 15:31:21 
That's GOTTA sting! ^^;
2014-08-21 18:55:06 
... I have never physically cringed at a webcomic page until today. Yowza.
Conceding Admirer
2014-08-21 20:43:07 
Alright, I was wrong. It WAS physical pain.