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Issue 20 - Page 14

She's taking things pretty well. Of course, the biggest shock is still to come...

There's no more Patreon. I'm done. I knew I shouldn't have done something that would give some folks even the tiniest feeling of control over me. I've more than enough folks lining up to berate me. I don't need folks paying for the privilege as well.

I appreciate those of you who donated in good faith and who honestly wanted to help out. To those who bitched I wasn't giving enough for their few bucks a month... get stuffed.

Comments [16]:

Spooky's first (and only) boon should be to have the queens names wiped from his memory AFTER he gives them to Moraine.
Carl Foxmarten
Hey, that's a GREAT idea! Now to see if that's possible...
oh the beauty of hindsight. Though I still don't think it will have work quite as well. Due to the fact that if he did do that Moraine probably still windup as his possession and I do not think he would be able to free her as his own will
Sorry people are being idiots and thinking they can dictate to you because they donate a few dollars. They need to learn the difference between donating to and paying the salary of the artist. This redhead will join you in educating them.
I'll hold your coat while you do. Sheesh. I hadn't signed up to patreon, due to my personal finances being a bit of a mess, but if i had, all it does is give me an opportunity to provide some cashflow on a regular, predictable basis to a webcomic author. The flow in the other direction is entirely voluntary; if no webcomics show up, I have absolutely zero control, no matter what. Anything else is just entitlement and idiots. *sigh*
I agree some people are idiots, I enjoy this comic a lot and I feel you should not be pressured to do something you enjoy, 'cause than its not enjoyable anymore, so keep up the good work and the idiots can take a long walk off a short pier
If Puck is really smart, he'd be terrified right now.
The Princess is wise and I have to admit I never thought of using a boon to get away from the debt owed to Puck. I'm sure Spooky will work it out and Puck will be left where he isn't smiling as brightly this time. Darc, you need to do what you feel is right. I hope that you or Matt will still let people who enjoy the comic make donations when they can to help you keep the comic going, but remember folks, this is NOT your comic. You don't get creative input. And seriously for what 1 or 5 dollars a month you want to complain? I would pay that much just to be able to READ this comic, nevermind the extras she put up. Heck i would pay more, but that is me. Darc and Matt, thank you for all the years you have put in to do this comic. Speaking for myself I have enjoyed every minute of it and will continue to support it as I can in the future in whatever way you allow me to.
Oh no. I'm so sorry people were being idiots. Thank you so much for all you do to give us this amazing story. If you ever decide to do a Patreon again, I'll for sure be there as a supporter.
Guh, sorry you had too many idiots to continue with the Patreon. I'm finding it a very useful and convenient way to support my favorite webcomics.
Dang, that sounds like it was a nightmare. You are much better without it.
It is really a shame when people feel you owe them the world by donating a few dollars. Your art is wonderful and I have thoroughly enjoyed your strips. I only pray you dont stop Hunter, but understand if you do. Keep up the great work
lord charles
while I would like to throw money your way I can not I will take what you are willing to give even if I did it would not give me the right to tell you what to do wit YOUR ART WORK AND YOUR STORY so those idiots needs to shut up the pie hole and be thankful for what you do which is great work by the way thank you for it
Lovely page as always, normally I don't comment but had to to say I'm infuriated people would treat you like that. The nerve, you deserve much better.
Darc, I just wanted to say thanks for everything. I'm sorry Patreon ended up being a source of frustration for you, but I'm incredibly thankful you're still sharing the comic. It really is appreciated, and I feel like I don't say that enough.
HEY! I Wanna join in the "Redheads Re-educating people who are being buttholes" Program!!!! Darc, if I had the cash, I would HAPPILY dump boatloads of it on you to just keep doing what you are doing. And those who think they can demand more because they are giving you cash? Can go suck rocks, and I really hope they never become supervisors or employers of anyone else, because they will abuse employees the same way. Sh*theads...