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Issue 20 - Page 13

Hey guys! Matt and I returned from our trip safe and sound. Which means, it's time to get back to the main storyline.

I hope everyone enjoyed the extra "Mail Bag!" comics last week. There will be four more popping up this month thanks to our Patreons. More on that later. For now, here's an annoyed Moraine.

Comments [12]:

Spooky just slighted the Queen. Lady Magic herself is on the rampage now.
Methinks the queens are about to learn the meaning of Hell hath no fury...
On the other hand, she still doesn't know what spooky's protecting her from.
Proof of the danger of a little/ a lot of knowledge.
If an Aspect needs focus, I do believe she's got all she needs. There is nothing more dangerous than a female protecting her family.
I hope that Spooky gets to tell her that if she hears the names from him, then Puck owns her as well!! Ergo she doesn't want to really hear them .. does she?
Agreed, at this point she doesn't know that Spooky is protecting her from Puck. If she learns and uses the names 3 times, she then belongs to the Faes, through Puck, through, Spooky. I think i got that right.
Glad to hear there's some more mail box comics coming this month as well. I love the way they look and the kind of 'behind the scenes' feel of them.
Iron Ed
Agreed! The mailbox comics are a great substitute when something interrupts the regular comic.
Frustrated Admirer
Based on what I know from the myths and what I know based on this story, if she says those names the three times then she belongs to the person who told them to her. BUT, Spooks hasn't used the names himself yet. Therefor, she will NOT belong to Puck through Spooks because he does not at belong to Puck. So she would still be safe there.
Frustrated Admirer
Please do correct me if I am wrong in my correction. But these folk that comment do not seem to quite understand.
You're correct. Yeah, I've noticed there's some confusion here. I keep trying to make it clear in the comic, but apparently I'm not doing a good enough job at that. Tomorrow's page reiterates this point a few times, so hopefully that will help a bit.