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Issue 20 - Page 12

Emily is a very devoted young woman, but not too big on the whole self-preservation bit. As for Moraine and Roderick, someone's not happy.

Matt and I are heading up to Maine tomorrow and will be away for the week - I'll try to post photos on Twitter throughout the week. While I planned on having next week's pages ready to go, spending the first part of this week sick and sore knocked that idea out of the water. So, next week's updates will be "Mail Bag!" comics instead. Since I've a number of questions waiting for answers and more coming in, this seemed like a good plan.

Thanks guys and see you again on the 12th with page thirteen.

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spooky is made the decision. I wonder how firm his resolve will be when Moraine expresses her displeasure with his choice. Still i can't blame him wanting to protect her any way he can.
Hope you two have a great trip, Darc! Love the play of emotions in this page. Moraine doesn't yet know what is at stake if she learns the names, so I can see her disliking the idea that Roderick is holding that back from her.
Thanks! It should be nice. Maine's so beautiful!
So, where in Maine you coming to?
I adore Moraine's expression in the last panel. "We are going to have WORDS, Spooky."
Iron Ed
You got that soo right, Siraj! That whole panel's really nice. I really like the background and sidelighting too.
Today’s art is not viewable. I downloaded the file and it appears to be some Adobe file format that is not .jpg. I tried to send this message before but Akismet deleted it- possibly because I put today’s URL in it?
I'll check things, But it should be viewable. I can see it in the browser, so it's definitely not an Adobe file.
Sorry, the file checks out. It's not an Adobe image nor a PNG. It's a straight up JPG.
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Akismet is eating my comments again BTW... anywho... Upon further thought, giving the Queen her Fae counterparts names is too much a risk; a Mortal with the latent power to become a Aspect? Hoo Boy, not a good thing at all, no?
Spooky was put in charge of dealing with supernatural threats. The chance of the queen of his country being put under fae control would fall under that area. The only way I could see getting around it wold be agent designated name holders with a limit of only 2 invocations. The limit of the boon effect scaled to power ability would be a big problem with that plan.
There IS one solution that spooky could use, but which will not be taken. For one thing the mortal queen won't allow it. Give her the names, make sure she understands the 2 wish limit, and kill yourself.