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Issue 20 - Page 10

I apologize for all the quiet over the last week or so. Matt and I are heading up to Maine next week, so I'm rushing to get this week and next week's pages completed before we leave. Four more to go!

I'm really pleased with how this spread and the previous one turned out. My thought behind these pages... In the comic, the ability to use very powerful magic can lead one to either create or destroy. Anger and destruction is easy, but it ends in loneliness and desolation. Love and creation is hard. Yet, if you have the strength to weather the ups and downs, it results in a deeper connection to others and, to yourself.

As to why Moraine's nude in the previous spread, I wanted to give the impression of insanity, primal power, and vulnerability. Nudity can be used for more than just sexuality. What's that? No one's ever told you that before? Well now you know.

And knowing is half the battle!

Comments [8]:

Foxx Trotter
You have mortal spelled wrong in the second bubble. That is the "moral" of this page. ;0P
Welsh Rat
Unless they actually mean that's how a Moral person will survive? After all, you don't have to be Mortal to be Moral.
Typos occasionally happen when you're working on a page for ten hours straight. I'll fix it in the morning.
As you say it happens.. I must admit I'm really liking this compare contrast that were settings with the two possible paths of more the Moraine's possible future depending on if she becomes the aspect that all
" . . . I wanted to give the impression of insanity, primal power, and vulnerability." What? You don't think primal power is sexy? Okay, I'll admit it; I'm a dirty old man.
It's not creepy its intimidating. Something the Queens excel at. They rule because of thier power
choo choo george
10 hrs just to make this gorgeous page? Wow Darc, no wonder you need a good relaxing vacation, such a labor of love and it shows. Have a good time up in Main and post some photos if you can when you get back.
Thanks. The nice thing about these two page spreads is I can get both pages done at the same time. That helps a bit.