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Issue 20 - Page 09

Part II of a two page spread. Click on the thumbnail below to see the full image.

Comments [7]:

Interesting... While I'm somewhat disappointed by the design of the skulls, it occurs to me that drawing animal skulls is hard enough when they aren't anthropomorphic. More an observation, not a critique. And, for what it's worth, kudos! I can be outdrawn by just about everyone I know. But, even without the experience of a tested artist, I really like this page. It looks really nice as a whole, but when you can only see 8, then 9, it really ads weight thanks to the dialogue, and black fade. Boy am I long winded. Long story short: Awesome! Don't stop! Please continue to entrance us!
Now that's a creepy and disturbing page. Well done!
Ya know, Darc, artists will always find something to criticise in their own art. For the untrained I simply adore this two page spread. The lighting, the mood, the effects and the skeletons are all amazing. Your art is only one reason I love CN:H. Matt and your story telling is simply delightful.
this page is amazing.
Yeah, beautiful, and such a contrast tonally with the pages before it. And I think the skulls are just right, personally. The character's faces are not that far off human structurally, just slightly extended muzzles, which the skulls, for the most part, have.
choo choo george
Not only dark foreboding but a little sexy with the naked figure in it, truly a terrific work of art and storytelling, wish CN:H could be made into a movie, it certainly has the art and story for it.
Iron Ed
Really nice atmosphere on this one, Darc! Those skeletons look great. ...and extremely time-consuming! The overall reddish tone and the blood floating around add to the sense of doom too.