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Issue 20 - Page 04

Ah yes, fey logic. According to the fey, ethics need not apply.

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Their idea of ethics isn't our idea of ethics. If you are the tithe their logic sucks for those spared it's great
'Our' as in 'humanity's'? No, this is humanity's idea of ethics exactly. It's equivalent to humanity's treatment of 'lesser' species, and humanity often has even less justification. The biggest difference is that now humanity (or mortal anthropomorphs, in this case) is on the receiving end. Ah, hypocrisy.
The thing is that they are targeting Sapient life to use for the tithe's. we at least limit it to animals who don't have any sense of self. also it could be argued that because we have so little time, that time is more valuable.
Of course it could be argued both ways. Maybe that's one of the rules of the tithe that it must be sentient. Only Matt or Darc could really answer that. Of course being sentient means its also a sacrifice for someone. The loss of a loved one or in terms of the queens a vassal
You're mixing up sapient and sentient. Sentient = conscious, self aware. Sapient = able to think or reason. Animals are sentient. Their level of sapience is limited, but some of them observedly can think and reason to an extent. *disappears in a flash of you-don't-care-reason!*
Sure. It's easy to find arguments against the sort of oppression one normally endorses when the tables are turned, isn't it? I don't think you could back that one up with any sort of objectivity, though. It smacks of self-interest. See also what Puck said. Here's some more food for thought: Humanity has an overpopulation problem, the result of developing advanced medical technology and all but eliminating natural predation while not doing an effective job of keeping reproduction under control (we're still killing each other off, but not fast enough, ecologically speaking). I could be wrong, but I get the impression that the fey population is relatively small.
Darls Chickens
I thought the human ethic was, "whatever makes me the biggest short-term profit".
looooooovely... just... yikes!
Eh, makes sense. They should probably have foreseen the mortals' reaction, and planned a bit better.
Why plan mortals are just playthings to the fey. Also don't forget most mortals have forgotten them while Magic was sealed away
The question I've had is always "Why a Tithe?". By (Christian) mythology, it's a tithe to Hell paid every 7 years. Mythology doesn't say why they have to pay it, or who started it. As far as I can tell, it's also not in any mythology other than Christianity. So, Why the Tithe?
Why the Tithe? No one knows, except maybe the Queens, and they're not saying. The Tithe just is. Hunter even mentions it back here in Issue 12. The reasons for the Tithe are a mystery. All we know is there's Hell to pay... (rimshot)
For that matter, why does Satan want souls? That has always been a weak point in the legends. Why is he willing to go through all of this Deal-With-the Devil stuff? With the way so many sinners seem to be throwing their souls at the Devil, you would think he would be too busy dodging to cause any mischief.
Souls are like Pokemon. You gotta catch 'em all.
eric bloedow
this reminds me of a comic book: the Joker tried to summon the Devil to make a deal, but goofed and got Etrigan instead (a demon trapped in a human body). he tried to sell his soul to the demon, but Etrigan said the Joker was headed for hell anyway, so there was no reason to take it...very strange. then Joker said, "what if i kill a bunch of people for you?" Etrigan replied, "some would go to Heaven, others to Hell, the difference one could not even tell." (Etrigan spoke in rhymes through the whole comic)
Etrigan is a rhyming class demon. Therefore he is consigned to speak in rhyme. He is somewhere below a demon Prince and the lowest class of demon but I cannot tell you where
PS: Can we have this, minus the talk-bubbles, as a poster/screen-save/background?
Apart from the fact it's the wrong shape?
Due to time limits, the comic pages aren't done at a high enough resolution for printing/wallpapers these days. You either get three comics a week or you can get large, print ready files. I can not do both.
Gimme the comics LOL!
Their absolute response should get another. " Very well then. Our people will be properly armed and any fey that dose not surrender when asked will be killed immediately. I hope your people will as eagerly accept what you have doomed your hunters too." They are talking about abducting and sacrificing humans. If any other country said as much the response would be a declaration of war.
"Why trade fey lives to the tithe when mortal lives are already so quick to pass. . ." That seems much like the wealthy stealing from the poor.
IDK about you, but after hearing that from anyone, I'd be reaching for a crate of grenades, a few vials of VX (Be curious if nerve gas would work) and a few hundred gallons of napalm, and go to town on the Fey coming out of and in the gate...
My vote would be a series of high atmospheric bursts of powdered iron loads..
Would you really want to find out if the legends are true about the queens being the seasons the hard way
Iron Ed
Are they the seasons in our world too, or only in their own?