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Issue 20 - Page 03

I have no idea what's up with the horse at the bottom. All I know is, it makes me laugh. So much for striking fear into the hearts of random folks. This one just derps apparently.

The rest of the Hunt wonders about Bob. He’s just not quite right at times.

"Why hello there! I'm here to steal your soul! Waka-waka!"

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You laugh now... You laugh now... Well... You'll probably keep laughing because you're God in this universe. Much harder to laugh no matter how derpy or cute something looks if it sucks out your soul or does unimaginable horrors to you. Creepy doll/children horror flicks that look innocent and cute at first, anybody?
they here comes more backstory. I suppose it's a good thing to find out that they won't grant you your boon at the cost of your life
That's a happy horse! Laughs at things and tanks Darc for such a wonderful story.
I find it hard to see any skull as really menacing, to be honest. They always have such wide grins on their faces...
Wearas I find skulls to be menacing enough that when I see one I want to smash it, and have done so when startled in a haunted house attraction with one.
I don't think I can take a Hunt horse with the voice and mentality of Fozzie Bear seriously. Oh well. At least I'd be too busy laughing to notice any soul theft.
Even with the derpy horse that's a hell of a page. When it loaded and the hunt appeared I just went 'Wow'!
Losing the pupils entirely might have the effect you're looking for. Still, derpy horse is freakin' hilarious!
Heh, that horse... "Look at my horse, it is amazing. Give it a lick..."
It's the nightmare version of Moon moon!
Those.... those eyes.... *hides under pillow*
Interesting... The queens are actually playing quite fair in this, so far, in explaining the rules that apply. Provided, of course, that the right questions are asked! Tread carefully, Spooky, and all of you might yet survive this!
So the question is whether asking the boon counts, or would they have to grant one in its place?
Nope, they have to grant the boon for it to count. However, they won't leave until the boon is granted.
which has me begging the question is is that a good thing or bad thing?
If the boon was to be petted would it be a Pat Boone?
Iron Ed
I would rather pat Benatar! :-)
" the end of seven years, she pays a tithe to Hell..."?