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What's this? A wrench in the works? Oh dear...

Matt and I are currently out at Anthrocon, so I ask that everyone be excellent to each other and party on! We'll see you again on Tuesday!

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Oh my, how touchy!
I ll we see just how much will and essence the knight has against the two queens when asking a boon that they do not wish to grant
I see. So you can ask for three boons, but the queens can refuse to do them. Making the boons, and their word, useless. Wonder how the fae realms - especially the other aspects - will react to that piece of information...
Well, they did say "three boons, anything within your power" - so my understanding here is that if Spooky doesn't actually have the power to demand / accomplish it, they have the ability to refuse it?
It must be within the power of the Queens. Their are a number of independents that are raiding (like the Wild Hunt) that can be on par with the Queens. The Erkling is on par with the Queens his hunt could be thought of as another court. Fey politics are much more intrinsic then our own. Also the simple addition of the word now makes it impossible. They can take the request of "Stop the raids. Now" very literally meaning that he wants the raids to end this second. Since it would take time to contact the individuals even should the Queens be able to convince the independents to stop they could not do so in a split second. Thus they can refuse his request. A better wording would have been, "I want you to put an end to the raids as quickly as possible starting with (Insert most dangerous raid here)."
Ted Schiller
He got what he wanted, the attention of his Queen, without spending a boon. Good going, Spooky.
However he words it, it will need to be specific and unambiguous. The Fae seem to be natural lawyers. A background in law (or programming) would help here. If it can be misinterpreted, it will be.
I... WHAT?! They're REFUSING?! Oh, this will go well...
eric bloedow
i said this earlier, but i'll say it again: this will end up with the "only raid one night every 7 years" treaty.
Thanks for the Bill and Ted reference. It's good to see someone using something other than EXCELLENT! Although both most excellent quotes.
I wouldn't be surprised if someone's pointed this out already, but I just noticed their hair flows like Celestia's and Luna's. =3