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Issue 20 Cover

Hey guys! The 'Between Issues Break Week' is over, which means it's time to kick off Issue 20 and the actual conclusion of "Fairy Tale"! Yes, I know, Issue 19 was suppose to be the conclusion. While I could have ended this story with Issue 19, leaving you hanging until 'A Year and a Day' starts up, I didn't think that was fair. You guys seem to be enjoying this story about Roderick and Moraine and frankly, I think you all deserve a good catharsis instead of the original idea of Max being called away before the story ends. So, we've one more issue to go.

Here's the synopsis for this issue...

While waiting for the recon team to return, Max listens to a story told by the changeling, Gillian. But is Gillian's story really just a fairy tale, or something more? The conclusion of Gillian's story. Part V.

It's also a new month, which means a new donator's print is available on the comic's Patreon! I've also adjusted the milestone goals in Patreon to offer extras more in line with what you’ve said you’d like to see, including additional updates! If you have a spare moment, please stop by and give it a look.

Thanks again!

Comments [9]:

That. Cover. Is. AMAZING. That should be a SHIRT PRINT, because I would SO drop $25 on a black shirt with that art on it! Just... gyah! Darc, I have a VERY, very short list of artists I respect around the internet for the work they do, and you're on it, right along with Tom Siddell of Gunnerkrigg Court.
Agreed!! A black or a dark blue would be the perfect shirt color - and ditto on the dropping $25 on it :D
Agreed!! A black or a dark blue would be the perfect shirt color - and ditto on the dropping $25 on it :D
Yes! I don't even need any more T-shirts, but I will make space in my drawer for a CN:H shirt if you make one.
LOL. I never noticed the "slacker tracker" in the sidebar there. Don't be too hard on yourselves! Everyone gets sick and lazy from time to time!
The 'Slacker Tracker' comes from DMFA. But I agree that, as you clearly have major issues with your wrist, I think you shouldn't be running it. What happens when it gets to 7? It's just a reminder that sometimes you can't keep up with the schedule and, you know what, we don't mind.
I have been meaning to suggest a modification to the Slacker Tracker on the forums, but I have been procrastinating in registering on the forums to suggest it. My suggestion of a of owing one page for every missed page (how I believe it currently works?) But a weighted scale. The range for the scale would go from 0.0 if you are in the hospital or bedridden and up to 1.0 if you decide you just didn't want to do a page that day. Your schedule breaks between issues counts as 0.0 as they are expected. Here is a couple examples, the actual values you would use would depend on the severity. A mild cold you might rate as like 0.7 if you could have done it. Your wrist pains would probably be 0.5 or less. With this scale, you would only owe us a page when the scale gets over 1. How does that sound?
Oh oh. Summer looks a little too delighted with what she's doing.
nicely done I specially like the way spooky looks like he's fading to a ghost on the cover art