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Issue 19 - Page 23

Someone's going to need a stiff drink after all this. Or at the least a hug. Thank you for the comments on the prose! It's been a while since I've done much prose writing and I really appreciate the encouragement.

The second of this month's "Mail Bag!" comics, unlocked by our awesome Patreon donators, has been posted on my Tumblr. To read it click right here.

Speaking of Patreon... We're nearing the end of June as well as the end of our first month. A big thank you to everyone who donated! I really appreciate it!

With nearly a month gone, I'd like to go over the milestone goals and see if we can't restructure things a bit, lower some of the goal amounts, and come up with a few different options. There are a number of things I'd like to do for you guys but at the moment I'm not sure what you'd prefer to see.

While part of the goal for Patreon is to help me pay off some bills, the other part is to offer some fun extras for everyone to enjoy. If you have a moment, please let me know what you'd like to see more of... more "Mail Bag!" comics a month, short CN:H prose stories, extra full color art, video art speed-ups, or something I haven't thought of.

Thanks guys!

Comments [9]:

Iron Ed
Oooh, your prose is wonderful, Ms Darc! I can get involved in this and -see- the characters actions and expressions, and hear their voices inside my head. (Oh; so that's where those came from... ;-))
Welsh Halfwit
Someone get Greer a blanket!
Oh man... this is going to be amazing. I can't wait to see what happens.
Jenora Feuer
Oh dear. Winter's harping on about fear, and Morraine's later rather resolute attitude, combine to make for a rather disturbing possibility with regards to the boon...
Well, that's quite a revelation. Also, my theory as to what the first boon will be still stands.
He could kill Puck's scheme simply by not telling his queen the names. I doubt if Puck has any real use for HIM. According to my understanding of the rules, the problems start after the second boon. Best to try and avoid it altogether. When you have used 0 or 1 boon, you have power. When you use 2, clever Fae would likely try to force you to use the 3rd boon, which is disaster.
I would have to hazard a guess and say that his first boon has been taken care of. Though the thought occurs that he might ask that Moraine and the other two be allowed to return to the mortal realm.
M. Peach
They can return when they like since they haven't had food in the fae realm. I suspect it might be more of some kind of safety for him and other unfortunate mortals stuck there (like the place they occupy in present time).
Hmm. Let us watch on together, shall we? Play on, fair Darc. Play on.