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Issue 19 - Page 22

My wrist has been a mess for the last few days. While I was able to get Thursday's page drawn up, today's original idea wasn't happening. So here's a prose-like version instead.

Page 23 may be prose-heavy as well. It all depends on how the wrist/arm adjustment goes Saturday. We'll see.

Comments [15]:

I don't mind the prose! ... in fact, I'm probably not the only one who thinks that they'd gleefully buy a book written by you. Maybe side stories related to the comic?
Mike B.
I agree with Siraj, I love your writing (and the art too) but the writing is why I read. Also, I approve of the whole tuesday/thursday thing. Gives me something to look forward to :) I hope the wrist feels better.
This version is fine. Rest up as long as you need.
Iron Ed
I agree with Siraj, Mike, and Reddog above. You know whatever you decide you need to do is fine with me, Darc. Best wishes for you, always!
I for one really like this. It's a great way to move the story along at a good pace, and fill in information that needs to be told.
For this much conversation doing it in prose on a scroll works extremely well. Trying to draw the conversation would have been difficult and probably would have taken a couple of pages instead of one. You draw the Queens so well it's easy enough to picture their looks and slight movements as they talk. Take care of your wrist and relax.
I never understood why the queen's messengers were called "fools" until I had to use the phrase "It's a fool's errand" today. That took me waaaaaay too long to get.
I like it! It not only gives a lot of detail to what happened back then. It also works from the point this is a story being told to Hunter and children.
I am so digging the visual design of the Winter Queen. She chews up any scene she appears in and has a chilly beauty to her. Hmmm, might be a good desktop image...
I like this just fine. It does a wonderful job of moving the story forward. Sometimes, a wall 'o text is the only way to move the story along. A page of nothing but words can often tell several pages worth of 8-panel comics without being boring. Also, I love books. The fact that most authors only write in prose just makes the books I bought from you that much more awesome. Take all the time you need.
I've told you before that anytime you need to rest your wrist, we are happy to wait until you're better. As for the Scroll, I thought it was by design. :) This is a story being told, and the block of text works very well with simple background or images. You're doing great!
Also Darc, I bet Winter glared at Summer when she referred to her as, "My frigid sister." *snicker*
Iron Ed
I really like this image of Winter. Tigermark and Phlosioneer have some quite amusing comments here too. :-)
A Fool's Explanation
The stock character 'fool' comes in a number of flavors, in most cases, the fool is permitted (by his nature or by license) to speak truth that other's would avoid as unpleasant or potentially dangerous to utter. Simpleton's were excused by their nature, as either god's touched, or unable to understand the inappropriateness of their statements. Wise/clever fools were often 'licensed' by the monarch to speak their minds, so long as they did so in a manner deemed 'foolish'. Thus, both Puck and Jack are wise/clever fools who are, by their position, permitted to speak the unpleasant truth. Being 'fools', they are also specially protected when they deliver an unpleasant message. At least, that's my take on them.
Exactly! :D