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Issue 19 - Page 21

Yep, Winter is in the same pose as Gillian was on the previous page. This was deliberate. Think of it as Gillian acting out some of the story she's narrating.

Meanwhile, Emily and Allen are waking up, unseen, in the background.

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Comments [9]:

Summer looks very happy to have caught Winter cheating.
"I was going to ask..." "but..." Did he just wiggle out of asking for the first boon? hehe
no I don't think it's that easy. I think that he's able to redirect his Boone. But once called he either has to ask or lose it or at least that's how it seems. in this case I believe that he will alter his boom so that he sets upup the yearly meeting between the three Queens. This maybe how they stop the Wild Hunt from catching mortals in the mortal room and beset up the yearly hunt alone with the Queen's agents be able to step in and send her subjects should they have a chance
I agree with you about this being the setup to the Treaty Night. I don't think the same boon can be used to stop the Hunt, so he might possibly use the second boon really soon.
I'm thinking that the treaty night will lead to them stopping in the Wild Hunt , not that he'll be able to use one boon for two separate requests
Well, I hope he can change his boon.
Starting to see why Winter is particularly cranky when it comes to Moraine and the agents. For Summer it might be a game, but Winter often pays for it with her losing face in front of her sister.
This look to be interesting.
and Jack is officially in deep kimchee.