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I've missed drawing the kids. This was a nice break from spending hours per page creating magical glows.

Iron Ed
2014-06-17 02:07:05 
What? You don't think the kids are 'magykal'? Especially the two on the left in the fourth panel? ;-) :-)
2014-06-17 02:07:49 
The Grandfather didn't believe his grandson either when he said the same thing about Buttercup. And hey, it's not like the Queens are Shrieking Eels . . . although they are probably more dangerous than a bunch of overly vocal anguilliforms
2014-06-17 04:34:03 
the arrival of some one stronger was like a wash of cold water stopping all action? sounds reasonable. still i can't help but smile at the girls getting a chuckle at the little boy's 'concern' considering how callous he was earlier.
2014-06-17 05:12:22 
Lol love the Princess Bride reference :)
2014-06-17 11:08:00 
2014-06-17 06:29:49 
-heh- I wonder if Scotty has a little Pyrenees in his ancestry, based on both his markings and his temper.
2014-06-17 10:36:51 
Kid need a boot in the rear.
2014-06-17 21:58:07 
It's actually nice to see all of the kids again. Simple is nice, too.
2014-06-19 01:04:58