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Well... they're stronger, that's for sure.

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"Winter Queen! Summer Queen! I choose you!!!" *Spooky throws pokéballs*
Prepare for trouble and make it double!
To prevent our own devastation!
To unite all peoples within our nation!
To denounce the dangers of magic and Fae!
To extend our reach through the Ancient Ways.
Winter! Summer!
Team Aspect comes at the speed of Light (and Darkness!)
Surrender now or prepare to Fight
Greer, tha' be right!
Oh for the love everywhere. LOL Thank you all for the morning laugh.
Iron Ed
Dang; that was well done!
I had figured that he would have to use his first call and that it was to protect his Queen. Look for some fireworks now.
well this is escalating rather quickly. I hope spooky knows what he's doing all things considered he's probably going to call it a lot of trouble for someone with this maneuver
Well Winter did tell Spooky that she didn't want to be bothered over small things. Would taking Jack by the arm like a small disobedient child before Summer be considered a trifling matter? :-)
Uh, no, taking Jack in hand would be seen as weakness in front of Summer, part of their eternal game of "one-upsmanship", similar to how Treaty Night Ended.
One down, two to go. Be careful Spooky.
Really only one left, unless he wants to be a thrall.
Summoning the mistress of the minion his queen is fighting. Should be both interesting and awkward.
I can't wait to see what Summer has to say about this.
Certainly a lot more spectacular than when He-man called down the thunder and got his power out. Yes. I use to watch He-man as a kid. I find it odd for me though that the minute I thought of that, I realized Greer was green and was thinking of battle goats.
eric bloedow
i anticipate he will use the second call to bind the queens to that "only Hunt one night every 7 years" treaty.
... aaaaand time for the fae nuke.
Iron Ed
You do great magic 'fire & lightning', Darc. And I really like the change in background clarity inside and outside the blue bubble.
Darls Chickens
Dude! Just call ONE name! You can double your summonings on the technicality, maybe even defeat the penalty completely, as in "I never once used the 'names'."
We already had that discussion. Apparently whether he calls one name or both it doesn't matter as one Queen being summoned will also call the other Queen to the summoner.
That's right. And remember, if you only call one name, it leaves the other Queen free to act as she wants. Which might be unhealthy for whomever's trying to game the system.
Darls Chickens
Of course they'll both show up. But if everybody in this world is so nit-picky about fulfilling the exact wording of their agreements, then mortals can exploit loopholes too. Besides, they're both going to act as they please anyway.
You have been told by the comic that it doesn't work that way. You've been told by one of the creators of this world that it doesn't work that way. And now you're been told by the main creator. Word of God... it does not work like that. End of story.
Darls Chickens
I guess I did sound like I'm contradicting. Sincere apologies. I'm really not. There's a grand storytelling tradition, from the stone age to Shrek, of outfoxing the trickster, and I thought I found its tracks. (Besides, if I'd read Winter's words more carefully, I'd know that the thrall debt is tied to boons, not names.)
While I appreciate the apology, I am already well aware of that storytelling tradition. You've clearly enjoyed my work so far, so kindly trust me to tell my story. I do know what I'm doing.
I cast SUMMON LAWYER! Hear me, oh mighty Lawyer, I invoke the power that is mine by right of retainer fee so that I might smite mine enemies with a RESTRAINING ORDER! Let them flee in fear lest I, in my anger, sue.
By the way; what would you be willing to bet that Queen Moraine did not cover her ears?
I suspect that she is too far gone in her magic to hear or to understand.