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Issue 19 - Page 18

Allen is still awake enough to be a little snarky. Emily, meanwhile, is passed out.

As to why Roderick is still up and alert... that question will be addressed in the upcoming side series. Don't want to wait? This link may help.

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What may help?? Was there a link I missed? A clue in the post? Loving this storyline!!
There's a link in the commentary to this tumblr question that may help.
Welp, there goes True Name use #1. And he must have had them for... hours at this point. This bodes well. Assuming this little display of Moraine's hasn't already caught the Queens' attention, that is.
That link certainly explains things. I guess Jack doesn't need to try to finish Spooky at this point. All he has to do is keep fighting her and Moraine will do all the work for him. I wonder if that fact has escaped his notice. Knowing Jack, it probably hasn't.
Spooky's aura is different, and tha fact that his iron collar has turned gold and is giving off sparks I'm sure has something to do with why he's still on his feet. Also might be because he's now of the Fae.
It seems that greer can't help in this particular time still I cannot help but wonder if this will be the first time that spooky is forced to call upon the queen's summer and winter for assistance
I like Greer's expressions in these panels.
Ted Schiller
Greer can nae help! Ye need someone much stronger! I call upon... *POOF* Who are you? Quentyn. Two fae told me you needed help. KA-BOOM! What Did You Do? Not me; him, way up there in space. (Okay, now that's just silly.)
This comment has been removed and replaced with a proper summary: "Salt Salt Salt Salt SALT Salt Salt Salt Salt Salt SALT SALT Salt. Salt."