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Issue 19 - Page 17

Uh oh, part II...

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All things have a price. One hopes that Moraine comes to understands this quickly.
I'm wondering whether Spooky's band is the reason why he hasn't been drained to the extent that Allen and Emily have...?
My guess would be that a combination of his youth and physical health built up through his career allows him a much more deeper well of power to draw from compared Allen and Emily.
A Nonny Mouse
It could be his youth and vigor, but it could also be that he's now "of the fey realm" and is beginning to take on more magic as he becomes more native to it.
Random Guy
So this is why using magic makes Moraine so sad.
I like this arc. Not only does it show us what happened in the past, but it also reminds us Moraine wasn't always the coolheaded powerhouse that could stare down Winter and Summer attack but with a smile. That kind of control takes time and experience that this Moraine still hasn't quite experienced yet.
Nice page, not so nice for them though. Would having all the magical energy drained from you kill you? Also, you have yourself a new Patron =)
SGT Lewis
So it seems our lovely queen can use subjects as batteries. Nice for a quick boost of power. Not so good on the local subjects.
Ted Schiller
Draining them? I suspect that's the whole idea. I'm clever that way. :)
whoops... kind of a drawback... but if it results in a mage nuke making ol' Jackie piss off...
Welp, I figured she'd have to pull a "drain magic from others in proximity" in order to throw Jack around... After all, they ARE on his turf, so to speak, so he can draw power from it, while the others can't. ...Or am I overthinking this?
Ted Schiller
Oops. He was addressing the Queen.
with great power the most awesome, great responsibility. well I need someone was going to say it so I figure I might as well say it. Still I can't help but wonder if Spooky's consumption of baby food gave him a greater power reserve for the queen Moraine to tap or if its just his experience dealing with the baby is supernatural and the mortal realm they gave him such magic resistance