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Issue 19 - Page 16

Uh oh...

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Well of course. What did you expect making her get out of bed early?
Oooh, the Princes looking very impressive and slightly scary here. I notice the three different color lights the seem to be flowing around her people and being drawn into something in her hand. Moraine does not like people mistreating "Her" people.
Spooky, Allen and Miss Emily may not have any magic powers, but clearly Moraine can draw upon their energies to augment her own magic powers. Clearly you do NOT want to cross this royal.
Welsh Halfwit
I like how Greer's hiding behind his 'best friend', Spooky.
I don't blame him. When you have an armed criminal on the loose, you let the police bust him whenever you can.
Wow. Able to draw upon those who have sworn to her, but only to protect those so sworn? Love and Loyalty? Wow, that's just awesome, and I think Jack's going to be very unhappy reporting to his Queen that he's found the new Aspect.
ok not only is the Queen scary strong but it looks like she' drawing magical energy from her three subjects while getting ready to make a massive attack or counter attack against jack
Jack be nimble, jack be quick... Jack should run from a sorceress.
This is absolutely awesome! This is one royal that you absolutely do NOT want to get up on the wrong side of the bed.
Just... awesome! Moraine is channelling a heck of a lot more magic here - and I'd say not just from Spooky, Allen and Miss Emily, but also from being immersed in the magic-rich Fey world compared to the mortal world... This is a fantastic image!
Poor Greer is spooked to all heck. "HOLY POOP, magical mortals are scary!"
I suspect Greer's terror comes from the fact that he is the only one of the group that realizes what Moraine is capable of in the Fey realm. Summer and Winter are the seasons....Moraines powers may be just as broad.
Jack appears in front of Winter. Winter: "What in the world happened to you?" Jack: "Your majesty I have good news and bad news." Winter: "Yes." Jack: "First, the good news. I found the mrtal whom you feared might become an aspect." Winter: "And the bad news?" Jack, bowing his head very deeply: "I'm afraid 'might become' is in error. I do believe she is already the mortal aspect."
I just can imagine the look on Jack's muzzle as he realizes that Moraine has drawn power from all the different elements. If he wears shorts he is going to need his brown ones. :=3 Jack is in way over his head and he probably realizes it now. This is sure to get Summer's and Winter's attention.
One other thing, I love how Spooky, Allen and Emily are slightly afraid and surprised at Moriane's abilities. Spooky knows of her magical abilities, though not of her true power, but I'm guessing neither Allen or Emily had any idea.
Notice also that even with the need to quickly redirect her attention to their defense, she completed releasing Allen, as if it took her no effort at all...
Jack hunting down Spooky.. Henceforth known as Mistake number 1. Jack attacking Spooky and friends in front of Moraine, Henceforth known as Mistake level suicidal....
Oh dear. Time for a throwdown.
More like a curb stomp. And Queen Moraine is wearing the armored boots.
By your powers combined...
Does nobody else notice just a wee bit of purple drawing off of greer in the back there?
I saw it but I assumed it was my eyes playing tricks on me
There is no magic coming off Greer. The wisps are just extra effects around her hand. Since she has no connection to Greer she's not pulling from him.
then it was just my eyes playing tricks on me. the color wake did make it difficult to distinguish so I wasn't sure if there was magic coming of him or if it was just the wake up her power as she got ready to attack
...I am not Captain Planet
If you look along his side, sweeping up past his shoulder, it looks like there is something there. But you would know what you intended, so I'm not sure what it is now. :p
Bob Cleveland
Bet the next thought through Jacks mind is;"Holy Crap, What did I just step into now?"
Or to borrow from Regina Soulstealer, "New plan. Piddle self, run!"
I do wonder if HRH is using the loyalty of her subjects. Can be quite powerful!
Hey, Jack, let's pretend you're the Joker. Got it? Here comes Batman. Oops, got it wrong, it's the whole freaking Justice League!
Iiiiiinteresting... Moraine drawing off the others how she is... I REALLY want to see the back story about this! I'm stupidly excited at this point.
Mages in many explanations draw their energy's from the surrounding area and others from others. I love your art and what Moraine is doing. It shows volumes about her magic. I think Jack will be surprised at what she can do.