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Issue 19 - Page 15

Here we go. Sorry for the slight delay. The wrist is starting to give out again. I'll ice it tonight and get back to work tomorrow.

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I just noticed Emily's tail is all poofy. Nice attention to detail there! (That's one of the things I love about this comic, really.)
Thanks! Poofy tails rule!
Really enjoying your art and storyline, Darc. PS: Jack Frost can ice that wrist for you; he did a quick job on Allen.
Thank you! That he did. Though defrosting may be a bit of trouble.
As said nicely done. Very nicely done.
Thank you!
Oh he doesn't know he has the future aspect right there.. how silly of him. I think he is about to get a lesson. Muahahahah. Sic him queenie!
Let the magical beat-down begin!
That's right. Allen - the Aspect of Badass Butlers.
I sense 'ol Jackie about to get severely scorched!
It's not his brightest move, no.
Given the glow in the queen's eyes in the last panel I think the theme from "Walker, Texas Ranger" just cued up. Jack, get ready to meet England's 1940s version of Chuck Norris. You are in for a world of hurt. :=3
I fully support the "Moraine as Chuck Norris" idea. :D
Scary thought: Moraine and Chuck Norris team up. 8=0 I would not want to be on the receiving end of their fury. :=3
Take as long as you need, Darc. The wrist comes first. You can pretty up the page some other time. ... that being said, it looks damn good as it is.
I second this, Darc. Ice the wrist, rest it, and we'll be happy to wait an extra day or two as needed to make sure you're ok.
Thanks guys! This page is all set, but to finish what I want to do for Friday's page in time I'll need to start it by this afternoon. Just letting the wrist rest a bit more first.
Jack's about to learn the hard way why you should think before you act.
Thinking then acting? What's the fun in that? ;D
Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack's on the short end of the stick.
I fully support this version of the rhyme.
I'll add more support to that.
This page is very nice. I think you did a good on the shading and the detail of the ice being see through was well done. Take care of your Wrist Darc and take the time you need.
I really like the way you are writing Allen. A perfect example of the traditional British understatement... much like the B.A. pilots of Flight 009. Also on the detail point... the footprints and the different types you have... so many forget footprints in snow scenes.
One wonders if your personal condition effected Allen's problem. I suspect that that might be too much ice though.