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Issue 19 - Page 14

Before anyone starts shouting that Emily's being a fool... people tend to do funny things when someone they like is in danger. Like lobbing snowballs at a magical being that can easily blast you across a room.

Comments [13]:

I don't think she's being stupid - she is behind Moraine, after all . . .
I wonder what Emily and Allen's reaction will be when the princess shoots lightning from her fingers.
No. NOOOOOOOOO. Oh wait. Wrong genre.
Yes, I don't think Mori is a Sith Lord. 'Course I could be wrong.
What, aren't there any lightning spells in CNH?
Funny is right; I wouldn't mind doing something like that myself . . . if I had better aim. Besides, it makes Jack look less dignified.
I have to believe that if Winter and Summer can sense major magical power stepping into their realm they will be there like yesterday! And Jack will be mightily surprised when Mori starts flinging magic back at him. :=3 Of course Winter may not be happy with Jack's way of delivering her message.
eric bloedow
this reminds me of that scene in "the incredibles" where Frozone froze a security guard...
Iron Ed
Cop. Cop-sicle! :-)
Jack the ever practical assassin and messenger for Queen Winter is finding his message of frosty death ever harder to deliver to it's intended target. I like the fact though that Jack doesn't just hurl death around lightly.
Moraine: In a nightie, in the cold, in the Fey Realm. I sense a beatdown ensuing in three... two... one...
Snowball fight!!! *splat!* who threw that!?
Oh look, some strange creature somehow seems to have just frozen my arms... response - "G-G-Good Lo-ord".... so perfectly British!