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This one took longer than expected to sketch. The fully shaded version will be up by tomorrow afternoon.

edit: Here's the finished version. Sorry for the slight delay. Wednesday was dedicated to a project that should be up by Monday. More on that then.

2014-05-30 00:37:33 
Ears peeled back... Allen is not happy!
2014-05-30 00:58:36 
I'm not sure how this could go. The bullet did good the first time. But can it stop what Jack is throwing Allen's way now? Disruptive metals aside, that's still quite a bit of Ice Jack's hurling at him.
2014-05-30 01:15:31 
At last! An image showing a gun being fired properly, and his thumb is clear of the cylinder too!
2014-05-30 01:20:40 
He's had experience. I would assume considering time frame he's probably ex-military and served in the war
Casual Notice
2014-05-30 05:50:06 
Police or private security training more likely. Military trains you to fire your sidearm from a profile stance and not squared off. Provides a smaller and less vulnerable target when you know people are shooting back at you.
2014-05-30 10:47:53 
We have to keep in mind with this issue this is right after world war 2.
Random Driveby
2014-05-30 11:05:53 
Indeed, the stance Allen's using was invented during WW2 by SOE, if I remember correctly. SOE had some very strange people (they were one of the outfits Christopher Lee served with), and was wound up post-war; him being ex-SOE (and therefore security cleared up the wazoo) is not unbelievable.
2014-05-30 01:22:41 
Opps someone just made a mistake. No real names should ever be spoken in the presence of a fae
2014-05-30 02:11:40 
Full true name. That's the trick. Also, whoa shit. That panel between Jack's magic and Allen's gun...
2014-05-31 03:58:59 
Again keep in mind the time frame of this story. They don't know all the rules except for legends
Fox Wood
2014-05-30 03:13:06 
Nice rendition of the Webley & Scott revolver, by the way. .455 I would guess? A most trusted and reliable piece of machinery. They are some of my favorite handguns. I own several of them myself. They are hard to find nowadays though, and getting to be VERY expensive when you do!
2014-06-02 06:54:01 
It could also be the Enfield copy of the Webley Mk VI. I own one that was made in 1926. Mine saw duty during WW II with Australian forces. And like Allen I use it as a self defense carry gun.
2014-06-02 14:09:43 
The Webley is indeed a fine weapon. Purchasing one is a bit pricey, especially if you intend to shoot it. My self defense weapon is either my M9 or grandfather's Navy issue M1911A1.
2014-05-30 04:28:20 
Quite brave of Allen, but he has no idea what he's up against. I hope Moriane arrives soon. Realistically, she's the only one who can win this.
2014-05-30 08:57:05 
Right now, I think Allen's only hope of survival is if Moriane intervenes. Hurry, girl!