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Issue 19 - Page 10

This spread turned out more time consuming to draw/color/shade than average. The fully shaded version will be up by tomorrow afternoon.

And all done. I need to get to sleep. I'm suppose to get up in about three hours for the gym.

Comments [14]:

I'm imagining Moraine with the world's worst case of bed-head. And needing about three gallons of coffee to get started in the morning.
"Is it 9:30? Do you have my espresso? Then LET ME SLEEP."
Tell Jim he's going to have to wait, RIP V.W. has you for a short while.
Can I just say how gorgeous this page looks, especially since you only posted the sketch around 12 hours before this went up. When do you sleep? Also, where's the other half :-)? Do we get to see that on Monday?
The other half will be posted on Monday
Nice Friday cliffhanger. Wonder if Moraine will bother changing before rushing off?
Well she's got a nice transparent dressing gown right there...
Bob Cleveland
reply to lemurvid. Now Now remember this is a respected family strip.
Hey, I didn't paint it...
If Darc keeps doing artwork like this, I'm going to get entirely too used to magnificence.
Get used to it. Darc is amazing, that's all there is to it.
There's an awful lot of light coming in the window for 5:30am. Never mind. London is MUCH farther north than Atlanta. On June 21, sunrise is at 4:43am. Gak. Curtains anyone?
This was one reason why I usually had my window shades pulled down during the spring and summer while growing up on Long Island.
Always very good Darc, especially with the lighting for this one. I guess that may be a well used handkerchief on the desk. I've got to admit, Morine's room is remarkably clean if not a bit empty looking. Must be nice having a home so big that you find it hard to find things to fill spaces......Well except when you have to clean all that space.