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This spread turned out more time consuming to draw/color/shade than average. The fully shaded version will be up by tomorrow afternoon.

And all done. I need to get to sleep. I'm suppose to get up in about three hours for the gym.

2014-05-23 01:13:05 
I'm imagining Moraine with the world's worst case of bed-head. And needing about three gallons of coffee to get started in the morning.
2014-05-23 08:45:04 
"Is it 9:30? Do you have my espresso? Then LET ME SLEEP."
2014-05-23 02:29:16 
Tell Jim he's going to have to wait, RIP V.W. has you for a short while.
2014-05-23 06:20:40 
Can I just say how gorgeous this page looks, especially since you only posted the sketch around 12 hours before this went up. When do you sleep? Also, where's the other half :-)? Do we get to see that on Monday?
2014-05-23 06:23:45 
The other half will be posted on Monday
2014-05-23 08:10:21 
Nice Friday cliffhanger. Wonder if Moraine will bother changing before rushing off?
2014-05-23 08:42:47 
Well she's got a nice transparent dressing gown right there...
Bob Cleveland
2014-05-23 08:46:07 
reply to lemurvid. Now Now remember this is a respected family strip.
2014-05-23 10:16:28 
Hey, I didn't paint it...
2014-05-23 09:45:04 
If Darc keeps doing artwork like this, I'm going to get entirely too used to magnificence.
2014-05-23 12:58:29 
Get used to it. Darc is amazing, that's all there is to it.
2014-05-23 11:19:46 
There's an awful lot of light coming in the window for 5:30am. Never mind. London is MUCH farther north than Atlanta. On June 21, sunrise is at 4:43am. Gak. Curtains anyone?
2014-05-23 13:47:06 
This was one reason why I usually had my window shades pulled down during the spring and summer while growing up on Long Island.
2014-05-23 14:12:18 
Always very good Darc, especially with the lighting for this one. I guess that may be a well used handkerchief on the desk. I've got to admit, Morine's room is remarkably clean if not a bit empty looking. Must be nice having a home so big that you find it hard to find things to fill spaces......Well except when you have to clean all that space.