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Issue 19 - Page 09

Allen, just what do you think you're doing? Get back here!

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Allen is breaking out a fresh can of Badass...
I get the feeling that this will end very badly.
You too, huh? Careful, Allen!
it appears he's going through without a collar. GO BACK!
Nope. Not going to happen. When duty calls, you act. If you're former British Army, Royal Marine or Royal Air Force, your first consideration is of your duty to the Monarch. Interesting footnote: until very recently, the members of the Royal Navy swore allegiance to the Admiralty, not the Monarch. That was only changed by the MoD in the last decade or so to bring the RN in line with the other forces. Now, I'm going to guess that that's a Webley that he's carrying.
Presumably lead bullet then. The gun itself will probably be more effective against the Fey than the bullets. :/
Yes, but if you're not conversant in Fey lore, you have no reason of knowing that. :(
They've been having trouble with the Fey which was why Spooky was sent there. The Queen's senior staff would be prepared to handle trouble with the Fey as well as merely mortal matters. Especially her butler.
When my rich uncle gets out of the poor farm, I hope I can get a butler as bad-ass as Allen. :3 Also Greer's got a case of butt-sparkles. Has he been reading Twilight again? ;3
Nah his butt's still close to the open gate...
When it comes to defending the queen they never hesitate and it's time to pull out a can of whoop ass. Fey and bullets probably don't agree with each other.
time for a throwdown
Allen, an individual for whom to say, is to act... may this end better than I fear.
Looks like Allen took a course in Badassery.
I seem to recall that firearms malfunction in the presence of Fey magic. The gunpowder won't go off. But a pistol whipping with that Webley would really hurt a Fey!
Should be interesting to see how this plays out. Allen might not have the gear, but Moraine is still going to be on her way shortly. As long as they don't eat the food, the portal is an open door for everyone else. Will Jack Frost have toasted buns here in a couple of minutes?
... I rather want to see Allen pistol whip Puck AND Jack now. This is gonna be fun!
And that is a fine example of British pragmatism and problem solving. Simple, straight, to the point.
I am not too familiar with female shoes of this time period, but is Emily wearing combat boots? If so, then it would be reasonable to assume, based upon Allen's demeanor, his weapon, and the way that he handles himself, that Emily may also have some combat training.
re Emily - this is JUST after the end of the war. Shoes would be scarce. Boots not so much.
Re Allen vs Puck, we know that magic users on this side can handle guns, but a lot depends on being prepared. If Jack is careless, or not familiar with guns, and Allen reacts quickly, Allen could harm Jack.
Iron Ed
Absolutely no reason you cannot make an iron-cored bullet with just enough of a lead or copper sheath to protect the gun barrel. You can even leave the iron in the nose and base of the bullet un-sheathed to make sure it contacts the... target.