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Issue 19 - Page 06

Robert Allen and Emily Brown... we'll get to know them better in the upcoming side series.

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The art is fantastic as always, but what really drove me to comment is the truly creative framing in this panel. Wow!
Thank you! After so much flowing hair and glowing magic in the recent pages, I was worried this one might look a little dull. So I tried messing with the layout a bit. :D
As said very nice. I think someone is in for a surprise make that multiple someones. If the hints aren't just a teaser I doubt in the place is where Greer expected to appear
Poor Greer, hope the palace is up pf visitors.
Let's see. Robert Allen would be the majordomo of the palace and would be expected to deal with any event in an unflappable manner. It will be interesting to see how he handles this one.
$5 says Mr. Allen ends up on the floor.
I'm not too sure... he's more resilient than he looks.
Nice detail on the butler and maid clothing Darc. You can actually see the layers of outfits.
I simply adore Robert's slicked back hair. It's surpremely stylish!
Iron Ed
Those last two panels especially have really nice detailing. I really like looking at Robert's suit.
"We're not her friends, Emily. We're the help." Lonely is the head upon which rests the crown. I feel sorry not just for Moraine, but Robert and Emily as well.
So, who is Mr. Allen's tailor, I want that suit.
Greetings from a new reader/convert! I had bookmarked this comic awhile ago but didn't actually check it out until Sunday. I got sucked into the story fairly quickly, and have read it in nearly every spare minute since -- 618 pages in two days! I will be making a donation shortly as thanks. Looking forward to watching this tale unfold...
Thank you for giving the comic a try! I'm glad you've enjoyed it so far! :D
CN:H Side series for these two? So instead of "Code Name: Hunter" it'll be "Code Name: the Help" ? =)