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Issue 19 - Page 05

"Somebody catch meeeeee!"

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Poor Greer.
Oh noes... Some misunderstandings may be about to occur...
well this is not quite unexpected but still Spooky's going to have a lot of explaining to do when his message reaches his queen
"well this is not quite unexpected..." Good. This is a SERIAL comic, not a gag-a-day. Events follow a natural progression and flow in a serial, not end each page with a twist.
Ah, got to love British military tradition. "I need volunteers. You, you and youuuuuuuuu"
Two rules my Dad learned in the military... "when in doubt, 'Charlie' out," and "never volunteer." Course, that second one's a little hard when there's no one else to hide behind. :D
HEX the Dark
It's the same everywhere!
Seems Greer just got volunTOLD. Been there. Done that. Got the battlescars.
Just started reading this today...couldn't stop till I finished it all...and now can't wait for more!! Excellent writing and drawing!! You do a fantastic job with this story! Thanks for doing it!!
Thank you for reading! I'm glad you've enjoyed it so far! :D
I love Greer's expression in the last panel, a mixture of confusion, terror, and OH SH*T
Hehe. I saw this one coming. And we know Greer survives his trip to the mortal realm without any scars. Off hand, I think this is part of why he still helps the mortals in the fey realm.
Darls Chickens
Careful, kiddo. This realm's got iron *everywhere*. Interesting would be if a visit to the mortal world proved costly to the fae in some way. For instance, every minute spent here could age them at a human rate. To a creature who has lived for millennia it would feel like the onset of a sudden wasting disease, not to death, but the irreversible ravages of accelerated time. Just a thought.
Well to be fair, it's probably safer with Spooky's queen then around when Jack Frost comes around.
Ahahaha! *throw!* Oh, and Darc... I saw your message about your health troubles. Please, do be careful. We come a VERY distant second to making sure you, yourself, are okay.
You know that Spooky now owes Greer BIG TIME for this "Favor"