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Nope, denied...

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Panel 1-3: Oh noes! - Panel 4: Wait, is he becoming an aspect? - Panel 5: He's becoming an aspect! - Panel 6: awww....
First thing in my head was 'substitution jutsu' also, Jack is a cold-hearted jerk.
At least he's not wearing a bright orange jumpsuit.
"Honey, forgot to fully charge Fenton Bazooka. - Jack. P.S.: Can I have a cookie?"
Ah, that was such a great show! :) Danny's Dad was always a hoot.
and here when I read orange jumpsuit I was thinking it was a Naruto to reference. I completely forgot about the Danny Phantom link with his name being Jack
Welsh Rat
He's not cold but logical. The best way of ensuring the Queen isn't held in thrall is to kill the one with the debt that will put her tere.
somehow I get the feeling that spooky would rather suicide they have the Queen be put in his debt and become a thrall for either him or puck
Seems like picking up a friend has really saved Spooky's life....I bet the Winter really hate returned messages. XD
well spooky is in just her best agent because she likes him. he seems like he's very good at what he does then what he's doing right now is securing the future for his queen and her people
Ah, the log. My old nemesis. We meet again.
Well, logs can be powerful allies in Half-Life 2: Episode 2 =). Also, can someone delete my old comment? I accidentally hit enter before writing my message =(.
Got it. :D
Ha! Panel 3 = Jack not happy. That face and lip, they're very comical with the close up frame XD.
Darls Chickens
"Oh noes! N-not the log! Bought from a Ren and Stimpy TV ad, hand raised my my aunt in Twin Peaks, and now I've just stabbed it! Please don't die!"
Well, dang. I was close with my guess on the previous page.
I'm guessing that Puck is too powerful to handle this way.
Probably a combination of that and that, if I've gathered correctly from explanations of how this world works, maintaining balance between the courts is important.
Think back on how Summer behaved towards Puck. She sees him as her "pet" and is attached to him. Killing Puck would anger Summer, anger that would be directed at Winter. Winter doesn't want to mess with Summer's tantrum, so decides to just take out the mortal. Characters act how people act. If you think about how people with similar attitudes would behave in a situation you'll understand why a character does what they do. Not everything in a story is plot driven. Some actions are driven by the behaviors and world views of the characters.
Eric Bloedow
a winter Fey named Jack? as in Jack Frost? nice touch. reminds me of a "Dresden files" book where Harry encountered Santa Claus hanging out with the Winter court!
Aw, man, I hope you feel better soon! On the plus side, leiomyomata aren't a cancer risk (though I'm sure "benign" isn't the first word that springs to mind just now). Best of luck!
Hope you get well soon!
Ouch! I hope you feel better soon! And you don't need to apologize for being late because your body is giving you grief. Well, I mean you /can/ apologize but there's not really any wrong-doing that needs forgiving.
Take care of yourself first.
Hope you feel better soon?
Martin Owens
Get well. Everything else should come later.
Yes, do hope you feel better soon Darc.
Dang, sounds like you are in some serious pain. Take the time to heal/recover... I find your work worth the wait.