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Issue 19 - Page 01

Damn it, Jack! That's not how we make friends!

Meanwhile, I've a doctor's appointment this morning for a check-up and to see if we can't get my side to calm down. With luck things will be back to normal soon.

edit: The doctor's appointment went well. They did some basic tests as well as an ultrasound and I should hear back from them in a few days or so. I've been a little vague on here due to the issue involving feminine anatomy. So just... girly bits.

Comments [23]:

Fae acupuncture?
Iron Ed
Jack gonna be in truuu-bbllllle!
Well hope that doctor helps you out Darc. I mentioned it on twitter, Man does Jack have the Freddy Kuger thing going on.
. . . And now I'm going to imagine Jack has the voice of Cutler Beckett because of this line. Looking forward to see how Spooky managed to pull through this. Good luck with the doctor's appointment, Darc!
Casual Notice
Oddly enough, I'm hearing Craig Fergusen's voice in his native accent. Something about the pose and the tunic.
-heh- Oddly enough, I am getting an Al Pacino (Michael Corleone) voice. Mortals are so fragile!
Well it isn't a surprise Spooky lives. Now I'm just wondering how he survived three ice spikes in his back. Jack never struck me as the type to be sloppy with his work. Ha! Jack's favorite method, of course XD. Of course, it's just a fairy tale... =)
Spooky's drunk the fae water. He's immortal now. That's gotta hurt, but it can't kill him in the fae realms...
The Fey realm stops your from aging. You can still die.
Now that I have your attention, mortal, could I interest you in buying life insurance?
* in Gene Hackman's voice * "Oh, by the way. My Queen wishes for you to keep that filthy Puck away from the mortal aspect. Who it is, neither of us know. But things could get nasty for you if Summer's court gains control of it.
Oh crap, I did that wrong. I think?
What just happened?!
The message was delivered. Signed! Sealed! Deliver! Your dead, Spooky! Now after saying that I kind of imagining Jack singing like the California raisins saying that. Or if California raisins aren't your thing, Let's just say Jack is making a point. Three very sharp, pointy and cold points. Winter's messages are sent *Grins evilly* post mortem.
Oooh. Ow. That was cold man.
It's just about the frostiest message one could receive from Winter.
Darls Chickens
He has three boons to spend. Boon boon boon.
"You missed my kidneys!" "Wait... they're NOT up there? Dammit!"
Sorry, but it has to be done:
Good song, but I keep thinking of Frozen - Let it Go; even though it doesn't fit this scene XD. Great movie nevertheless.
Reese Tora
Jack be nimble, Jack be quick. Jack deliver message, Like a meanie.
I was thinking more "like a d*ck" it rhymes better.