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Issue 18 - Page 23

You know what they say about folks with big eyes... that they can see all kinds of things.

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Oh wow! That's quite a nasty smile on Winter. I think it's a smile. Hmmmmm...I'm guessing either Winter doesn't like the idea of a mortal Aspect or she doesn't like the idea of Puck having control over it.
I have a feeling she doesn't have a problem with there being a mortal aspect. I think you're spot on with the Puck comment though.
That is a very vengeful smile.
Yes. Yes it is. But it seems like her focus is on Puck's Pawn.
Plans within plans.
The Winter Queen actually smiling? This can't be good for someone!
You can tell that she doesn't have experience with Spooky and Moraine at this point. I'm not sure if I feel sorrier for Jack Frost or Winter right now.
Looks Like the Queen decided to take Pucks Pawn
I think Puck might have been mistaken when he claimed that he would own both Spooky and Moraine. Even if he does, I suspect "owning" them might be like holding a tiger by the tail. You can't let go because of the teeth in the other end and holding on isn't very safe either.
people always forget just how powerful a pawn can be in a game of chess. still i wonder if he's will to become a mortal aspect for the sake of his queen. i also wonder if aspects are immune to becoming thralls
Puck thought he had found a pawn he could use to manipulate the queen. But as the pawn reached the other world, he turned into a knight. Knights move in strange ways, which is why they do the unexpected and turn up in strange places. Maybe winter will just nudge the whole thing a bit so Pucks plan fails instead of doing something drastic like trying to have Spooky killed? Nah, not her style.
Given how stoic Winter is normally, seeing her with a slasher smile/ psychotic smirk is just that much more unsettling.
Winter is looking out for Winter alone. Seeing the rise of an aspect that Winter could control is good. Screwing Puck over is even better. So to Winter, this is Win/Win. Also, remember the three boons? Imagine if Winter controlled Summer that way with just the threat of the use of a boon? And now you see why She smiles.
choo choo george
Wow Darc, this story and it's artwork gets better every time, you are really magical yourself in creating CN:H. Just love it.
I don't think it would be enough for Winter to just cut puck's plan off early though; with a smile like that, she will want puck to think the plan is going to work right up to the last second, then watch it come crashing down....