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Issue 18 - Page 22

It's time to leave Roderick and Greer for a bit and take a peek at what the Winter Queen is up to.

The new fellow is Jack Frost, Winter's official messenger, enforcer, and assassin. As old as Puck, and nearly as powerful, Jack is Winter's favored troubleshooter. Unlike Puck, Jack is direct and uncomplicated, preferring to deal with his enemies quickly without hope for political gain or entertainment.

He's very devoted to the Winter Queen. And, as you can see, he doesn't approve of Puck's current actions or of his past betrayal.

Comments [26]:

"Ain't nothin' more peaceful than a dead troublemaker."
More tension within the realms of the Fae.
Same tension, different view.
So that's Jack Frost. I like the look, even the winterlands looks amazing.
Thank you. :D
Jack is rather cool looking with his ice horns. He certainly looks a bit more regal then Puck. I think it's how he wears his cape.
WOW I love the look of the new site!! Beautiful work!
Thanks! It was time for a change. The old gray was looking a little worn and faded.
Have to agree. The new site layout looks very nice!
Are any Fae to be trusted?
Casual Notice
Sure they are. You just have to think of them as avaricious but otherwise extremely ethical business-people. Everything comes at a price, and they WILL try to interpret any deal so they come out on top, but careful, meticulous wording and devoted attention to the forms will usually come out all right in the end.
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Yeah, we're working on it. Give us some time.
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The new site is stunning, and a pleasant surprise. The new page is just GORGEOUS! I do like me Jack Frost up there... hoo, he looks like a nasty one.
Thank you! He can be, but he also seems to be a bit more trustworthy and straightforward than Puck is.
Must of been interesting when Puck and Jack were part of the same court. Also the look of Winter's castle is rather beautiful in it's setting.
If trustworthyness could be cataloged numerically, anyone with positive integers outscores Puck.
Whoa, new site! Very nice. I like how it goes with the halls of Winter at the moment.
I love the fact that Jack Frost is her assassin. Also, the really nasty look he gets while talking about Puck in that last panel is terrifyingly awesome. I've also got to say that the new sight is gorgeous. Very shiny!
The look and the statement also gives a wonderful idea of just how loyal and trusted Winter is of her top Fixer. Not many would probably quite so openly with Winter like that.
Oops I meant "The look and the statement also gives a wonderful idea of just how loyal and trusted Winter's top Fixer is." I hate when my train of thought gets twisted like that.
Love the new page opening, a lot better then the old one. hope your hand is healing ok.
Iron Ed
Great drawing as usual, Darc. I especially like how the cold, bluish mist sets it off! Jack's expressions in the last couple of panels are really well drawn too.
Interesting retainer the Queen has... Not many would criticize her and get away with it, I'd imagine. I also like how his horns are made of ice; is this another way to differentiate which Court a Fae pays fealty to?
Nah, Jack just likes having ice horns. Personally, I think it's because he either didn't have horns or damaged his original ones in a fight. But he's not telling.