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Issue 18 - Page 21

The CN:H version of certain Fey vary from the ones we know in our world. The Wild Hunt, is the living embodiment of the hunt. The Hunt thinks and acts with one mind, picking up new members as it goes. The Wild Hunt isn't a member of either Court, though it can be "hired" for a short time. If the assigned prey manages to escape, the Fey who hired the Hunt must become a part of the Hunt. Forever.

The Cu Sidhe is a big feral dog about the size of a bull who is the harbinger of death - the Fey version of the Grim Reaper. He howls three times. If you hear the third howl, he comes for you.

Summer we already know.

As for the fellow in the middle... we'll get to him later. For now, let's just call him 'Sir Not Appearing in This Film' and leave it at that.

Here's the full spread without the text. Please click on the image for a larger version.

This is the last prose-like page in this sequence. Hopefully these pages have been interesting for everyone. While they've been a challenge to draw, they've also been enjoyable. We return to standard comic pages on Monday. Thanks guys!

Comments [34]:

I maybe completely off here...but Sir Not Appearing In This Film looks a LOT like Spooky. Could Sir Not Appearing Person, hereafter Snape, be the future aspect embodiment of Spooky? Snape carries a sword and could be wearing a gorget under that cape, just like the ones that Spooky helped design and test back in london. I like the idea, Spooky, Aspect of Humanity. Or Aspect of Justice. What do yall think? Am I on to something, or am I barking up the wrong tree?
Aurik Marr
If your talking about the guy in the middle of the two pages, looks more like a mouse than spooky(hunter maybe?)
Yep, he's a mouse. :D
alright so he's a mouse. Well that blows my ideal at the water. Still I look forward to seeing just who he is since there are a lot of interesting theories rolling around.
Actually, it reminds me more of William, the British king who had the seal made, from the first prequel comic.
Was thinking that myself.
Um, I think you have an extra space (or some kerning issue) with the word "Wild". Just FYI. Love the comic, Darc!
Aurik Marr
It's something to do with capital W's. A lot of different scripts do that, though thankfully not Times new roman.
Aurik Marr's correct. The font has a bit of extra padding around the capital "W".
Ah. Definitely a kerning issue, then.
Aurik Marr
Only reason I knew that is I used to right stories myself. I lost all of them when my old comp fried, sadly.
I've always enjoyed these pages and they have always looked wonderful when in print and you can open them up and see them in full. I so cannot wait until the next trade of this full story. (bounces around) Hey Darc! Love what you two are doing with this. It is truly a fun story to follow.
Thanks Brighttail. I don't take the comic to print anymore, though I do offer the full digital downloads once an issue is complete. But yeah, I'm out of the print game and much happier for it. :D
Summer and winter look so sad here.
Per the guy in the middle. "One Fae to rule them all, One Fae to find them, One Fae to bring them all and in the darkness bind them." Gah it is late and i'm getting silly.
A very nice two page image. I like how the center aspect is given a coloring that makes it's presence in the story seem older then the other ones present.
here I was thinking that the guy in the middle looks so very much like the king from the first story arc breaking the seal
Cu Sidhe looks amazing. I oddly think I'd buy a plushie of him.
Me too! :D
Ron Bauerle
"others of your kind"
Wm. Van Ness
"Mortal Aspect" - King Arthur?
Michele G
I agree. That has to be King Arthur. According to legend he is supposed to be sleeping under the hill until Britain needs him most. Most agree and it is frequently depicted that 'under the hill' means 'in faery'. Whats going on in Britain in the story might certainly qualify for extra help from good ol' King Arthur at some point. Just saying.
So, throwing my hat into the ring, I think the mystery king is Oberon.
M. Peach
I was thinking the one in the center was the mortal aspect that Greer was talking about (the suggestions of Arthur or William are good ones). The artwork on these pages are breath taking. It's a shame they aren't in print, but I understand how that could be a pain to deal with for an author.
Surely I'm not the only one here whose immediate thought was Martin the Warrior?
I thought it was my son at first, too (obscure reference is obscure).
If you'll forgive the comparison, Cu looks and seems a lot like a hellhound. That aside I really have enjoyed these past few pages.
Iron Ed
re: Your "Hopefully" in the comic 'description". :-) And to answer it... "Yes, Darc, I loved looking at these text pages! Thanks!
Darls Chickens
An aspect of rust?
Wm. Van Ness
The coat of arms attributer to King Arthur were 3Crowns in a vertical row, The surcoat in the larger drawing clearly shows a crown, while his hands & sword hilt cover whetever is below it. I'd now3 lay odds it's the other 2 Crowns, and this IS Arthur!
What intrigues me the most about 'Sir Not Appearing in This Film' is the fact that, unlike the other Aspects, his magical aura is not element specific. All of the others radiate an aura from one of the five magical elements. SNAiTF's aura appears to be very pale in comparison, almost white.
I have to say it. It's been nagging at me for the better part of a week now... Cu Sidhe Cu Sidhe Cu! *tickles chin!*