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Issue 18 - Page 19

Come now, Roderick, stop denying it. We all know you have the hots for her. Hell, even Greer knows it.

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Great. Now I'm going to have "I Won't Say I'm in Love" running around in my head for the rest of the night. Am I reading this right that it looks like while Puck doesn't want to lose himself by becoming an aspect of Summer or Winter, he might be contemplating becoming an aspect of something else? Trickery or Power?
I'm banking on the Queen becoming an aspect before Puck can get to her.
Shu-wop, shu-wop, doo-be doo
Darn you both, now I have to go listen to that song. Like 12 times. @.@
Perhaps not Eros, but Agape is there without a doubt Spooky.
Darls Chickens
The goblin knows way more about the power structure in his realm than I know about mine. Maybe he's not just a low status innocent.
I forgot him a lot of my mythology so I don't quite remember who agape is. Still it becomes interesting when you consider just what her Majesty has the potential to become. Maybe there will indeed be a mortal court started up soon but if so you can only help but wonder what type of power Moraine will control
Jenora Feuer
It's old Greek: Eros refers to romantic love, while Agape refers instead to a more platonic love. So 'I love the whole world' (Boom-de-yada) would be referring more to Agape, for example.
Close. Philia is the more platonic live. Agape is unconditional love for someone. Enough so that you are willing to make great sacrifices on their behalf.
RT in DC
The modern equivalents would be: Eros -- passion, lust, romantice love (gives us the root for "erotic") Philios -- brotherly love, compassion (think "philanthropy") Agape -- unconditional love, charity ("And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity"
And then there's Storge which is familial love, e.g. between siblings, a parent and child, or similar relationships.
thank you all. Eros I knew but Philia and agape I don't really remember them. The name agape sounded familiar but i couldn't place it for any thing
Steve C
I find myself having the need to comment. This was absolutely brilliant and sublime. Wonderfully executed. Cheers.
Thank you! I really appreciate it. :D
I agree, the artwork is fantastic. "All can be made intae aspects if important enough." I wonder if science can be made in to an aspect. If so, then there is a job opening in the Fae realm.
Thank you! Hmmm... so many scientists to chose from.
I nominate Nicola Tesla. Not only was he brilliant and colorful, but he had psychological problems as well. He can be worked in as comical, tragic or both. (Excuse me, but my tongue seems to have become lodged in my cheek.)
Darls Chickens
Spring and Autumn seem open.
Iron Ed
Autumn Pingo would disagree with one of those... ;-) :-) :-)
Interesting thing to bring up by Greer. It's probably true too. Considering this and what we've seen of her, I can't help but think if Moraine did become an Aspect it would be an one of justice and a court of paladins.
Of course I don't know if a mortal can become an Aspect. But it's interesting to think how this power structure works.
I've been wondering for a while now how much difference there really is, besides cultural status, between the Fey and Fey-locked mortals. It's already been established that mortals who are in the Fey Realm for extended periods of time can start to take on more Fey-like physical traits...
Darc, as an aside, these pages are MAGNIFICENT. Thank you so much for drawing them! Nothing better than double-page spreads!
Thanks! I'm glad they've been working out well. Still, I'm glad I've finished drawing the last one for a while. They've causes a lot of stiffness in the hand recently.
My head is spinning! Puck believes that by binding spookies queen to him he will gain enough power to break free from his own leige and possibly overthrow the queens themselves by becoming an aspect!
Iron Ed
I'm liking Greer more all the time! I really like the way you depict magic too, Darc.
Yes; he is a Precocious lad, isn't he? (Or at least he could be if he were a carnivore...)