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Issue 18 - Page 18

Now, now, Ouroboros, if you keep eating your tail you won't be hungry for lunch.

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Ooh double page! Can't wait to see the full art!
Oh puck you rapscallion. It seems that it is true that eternity does get boring without a game or two billion to play. I can't help but wonder if puck's new game is to create a new court. Mayhaps to use Rodrick in creating the mortal court.
Is this Plan of Puck's a way for him to end the tithe?
Now why would he want to do that?
For kicks. We've already established that Puck's only real fear is of being bored.
If he ends the tithe, wouldn't that be once less being to be at the mercy of? I could see Puck ending the tithe for his own gain. No one to to take orders from, he could do as he pleases. Just a thought?
I so much love this comic. It's fabulous, you're fabulous, and... yeah. I'm wicked excited to see this next page (but that's every page!!).
So that's how Puck intends to win his game. While everybody else is playing chess, he's playing poker.
The analogy makes me smile, because you are completely right :)
And it seems like Spooky is playing Go Fish.
There's a ton of webcomics out there, and a handful which are truly great; a complete package of amazing art, compelling characters and a drop-dead gorgeous story. This is one.
Trying to picture Puck as a Queen....I guess he would look like his Helena disguise then. Though the anyone with power comment has me wondering. Could a mortal like Moraine become an Aspect? Just wondering if power is the only deciding quality for the aspect power. I'm figuring you have to be of a court standing, but Spooky's comment left that a bit open.
While the idea of Puck being trapped as a girl forever is entertaining, there are tales of Fairy Kngs, specifically Oberon, husband of Titania. The focus on Queens is likely anthropological, as women are often portrayed as possessing secret knowledge and a connection to nature. Yay for college anthropology classes!
Iron Ed
"Puck as a Queen" ...Great; now I'm thinking of Freddy Mercury and the band 'Queen'. LOL
hmm moraine as the aspect that would be interesting even if it would by fae standards be short-lived. it kind of gets more interesting when you consider that Puck maybe trying to get one if not both of the aspects of summer and winter in to his thrall
Eric Bloedow
trivia note: a recent Batman comic book had a secret organization called "oroboro"-which is a pallindrome! (if you reverse the letters it's the same) and yes, they had a symbol that looked like a snake swallowing it's tail.