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Puck would like everyone to know that what happened to the fellow who told him the names was an accident. Yeah... an accident. That's it. He fell on a sword. Forty-seven times. Hey, what can you say...? Some people are just clumsy.

2014-04-02 00:55:06 
His essence isn't strong enough? That's an interesting phrasing. That almost makes it sound like wishes have a cost equivalent to the wish asked for.
2014-04-02 09:12:08 
I'm not sure its that maybe ts something to do with the fey and their connection to the queens. maybe they have to serve one house like its a kind of drug to them. leaving all together would cause something bad to happen to them
2014-04-02 13:32:41 
That is an interesting thought, he'd need to find a replacement then.
2014-04-02 16:51:27 
Actually found an interesting link on twitter that goes further into. Interesting stuff.
2014-04-02 08:09:51 
Woah. First time we get confirmation of a Fey actually dying.
2014-04-02 08:13:04 
Oh! Oh! Just thought of a brilliant plan. So he tells the names to another mortal, who is sick and/or dying. Then they tell the names to the queen. Then the mortal dies, and the queen is beholden to no one after they're used up!
2014-04-02 09:13:07 
or ask the queen to kill puck
2014-04-02 10:01:28 
So does this mean that the fey have limits on their free will, or are the limits on asking a byproduct of the queens' boons?
2014-04-02 10:14:33 
It just means not everyone has the same depth of will-power, personal strength, conviction, love, faith, and fortitude. These are the essences of each individual. Strength of magic in the CN:H world comes from these things. Every being creates magic even if they can't use it. Low on these, then you don't have the ability to create much magic. High on these things, you're a powerhouse.
2014-04-02 10:45:26 
So that's how it works? I was just looking in the archives when the Queen of Astoria was saying that people from Britain generate more magic. If that's the case it makes sense, since the slaves wouldn't have much willpower being oppressed and all. That's my guess anyway.
2014-04-02 10:48:30 
2014-04-04 09:25:52 
I got it wrong then. I had been assuming that it had more to do with warring memes. I had thought that the old Astorian meme was something like, "The Queen and the land are one." Taking foreign slaves accidentally introduced something like, "The people are the state." Thus, the magic has been withdrawing from the nobility. Well, I've been wrong before . . . like two or three times a day . . . on one of my good days.
2014-04-02 15:08:44 
So would you say that Friendship (and much that comes with it) is Magic? ~_^
2014-04-02 17:43:45 
Mortal Queen = Celestia Spooky = Twilight Winter = Chrysalis Summer = Nightmare Moon Greer = Spike Puck = Discord IT'S A CONSPIRACY!
Eric Bloedow
2014-04-02 15:09:04 
i have to ask: who is that cat-lady in the maid outfit?
Darls Chickens
2014-04-02 15:43:05 
Check issue 16 p. 23, Emily serves the Princess, though I thought she was a red panda. This image reveals more of her baby-face qualities, and she's apparently caught up in Puck's schemes. (Her pose inspires me to yell, "DON'T TOUCH IT!") Now, if I'm *not* seeing Spooky's wishful thinking embellished in Gillian's story telling, and the knight really *did* behave in such a familiar manner with the princess, then all I can say is it's a good thing there were no voice mails for the tabloids to hack back then.
2014-04-02 18:35:35 
"already used his boons" - I'd guessed that was what had happened to Puck! It does explain a fair bit of why he was willing to tell someone else...
2014-04-02 22:16:40 
I don't think so. He did probably use the name three times. But his allegiance to a court sounds like it might be as simple a bond as any high noble Fey has to Summer or Winter. His status as 'pet' and 'fool' is simply his court standing in things. At least that's kind of like it sounds like.
2014-04-03 06:27:16 
Yep! Bingo! :D
2014-04-03 00:07:20 
will power. in order to get you boon granted you have to match wills with the queen that you are asking the boon of. cute and dangerous. i can't help but wonder what Roderic will do to pass on the queen's names and ensure that his queen doesn't become the pawn either of himself of the go between giver.
2014-04-03 09:34:12 
I'm sure Queen Moraine will persuade Spooky to give her the names, and without using magic. In order to summon the Fey queens for the first confrontation, she will need the names. Spooky may not like it, but he does understand duty, his own and Moraine's.
2014-04-03 15:25:50 
So the names would be of little use to a weak willed person.
2014-04-03 15:33:57 
The bit about your strength of essence being one of the primary keys to how strong your magic is would explain why it tends to run in royalty. There must be more, else Spooky and Hunter would have strong magic as well.