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Issue 18 - Page 16

The next few pages are pretty exposition heavy. So, I decided to take an idea from Terry Moore's Strangers in Paradise and try my hand at a bit of prose writing. It's been interesting.

Thank you for the support and encouragement about the Patreon idea! Also, thank you for the donations! They really help us out a lot! I still want to get the buffer built back up before moving forward with Patreon so we can avoid as much downtime as possible. Less downtime means happy times for everyone. Thanks again!

Comments [7]:

Suspence all right looks like Greer might be ready to tell Spooky something Puck probably would prefer he didn't . thank you for all the hard work
This is a great idea :) I can't wait to see the full double-page. Since this is also a story-inna-story, the prose over image works even better.
it seems big greer may be able to help spooky out the question becomes what kinda deal will he have to make in order to spare his queen bondage but still allow her the power / privilege necessary to use the names.
Taking a big gamble with professionals and high stakes does get you burned when you start! Perhaps Greer is more on Spooky's level, a more natural learning curve for them both XD
It's an interesting change in the comic format and really does work for this particular point of the story. Considering this is a story being told to the children, the format really works good for this part. I like!
Iron Ed
I agree with Josh; the art for this page works great with the text. The art looks great by itself (love the flames/lighting/silhouette) and nicely illustrates the troubles Spooky is relating.
Is it strange that I'd like to see an entire story done in this format? (Not necessarily for CNH, just to clarify!)