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Issue 18 - Page 15

I've been sitting here thinking about the last year as well as possible plans for the next few months. It's been about a year since the issues with my right hand started to affect my ability to work. While we figured out what the issues were, there wasn't much that could be done. But thanks to a year of adjustments, PT, and occasional periods of rest, I've managed to get my grip back and can work for long periods with only moderate discomfort. Yay!

In a few months it will also be a year since the donation drive for the cintiq. Thank you again to everyone who donated. Levi has been working wonderfully and has been a great addition to the studio. I finished the three full color images, have been giving three updates a week, and have moved the two short, twelve page side stories into a full side series which will be starting once the "Fairy Tale" arc is complete. So, I've fulfilled / am in the process of fulfilling my obligations from that drive.

Thing is, I really wish CN:H was able to bring in a bit more income. While I love CN:H, the reality is this comic takes up a good chunk of my time. If I'm not drawing the comic, I'm scripting it, working on improving my art skills for it, or doing research for it.

So, I'm debating starting a Patreon account. For anyone not familiar with it, Patreon is a way to support people whose work you enjoy with small monthly, or weekly, donations. A few awesome people have been very supportive financially over the last few months which has helped Matt and myself immensely. The thing is, there are over 5,000 of you reading this comic every update. It doesn't seem fair to the few wonderful individuals to be the only ones helping to keep CN:H running. If even a fifth of you who enjoy CN:H would be willing to part with the price of half a cup of coffee a month it would help out a lot. That's a buck, folks. A buck a month. $12 a year. It would allow me to pay off a few bills faster as well as purchase materials to help me improve my art skills and do research. Not to mention it would help boost my eagerness to continue cranking out pages.

So why haven't I set one up? I don't feel I'm quite ready to just yet. I'd like to get the buffer built back up and have the upcoming side series closer to launch first. At the moment, it looks like "Fairy Tale" will take us through to mid-June with the goal of the side series starting soon after. Ugh, I still have so much research to do...

So anyway, about three months to build the buffer back up and get the side series ready for launch. If I do decide to create a Patreon account, I'll likely use that to gauge how many updates a week I do after that point. While I can handle three a week, four a week WILL require some compensation. Why? Because four a week leaves little time for anything else. Yes, I'd love to spend my time doing nothing but CN:H based work. Really, I would! But if it doesn't start helping to pay the bills I'm afraid I'll need to eventually go back to commissions, something that will cut greatly into comic-making time.

It's a balancing act and I'm trying to figure out how best to achieve it.

For the time being, my goal is to use up the remainder of my meds, get over what's left of the flu, and get ahead. I should be able to finish three more pages by the end of this weekend, leaving next week free to get even further ahead. All of which is very exciting. Hopefully you agree.

We'll see what the next few month will hold. For now, I better get back to work. Thanks for reading!

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You start a Patreon account, I'll happily, GLEEFULLY donate! It's the least I can do for all the wonderful work you've done. It wouldn't be much, but I hope it'd help.
Henry K9
I also would add you to the ones I support!
Rather ominous note to leave Spooky on. Then again, considering what the Queen must be going through back home and the oath Spooky sworn to her, Puck might be right.
Darls Chickens
...and now he's swept up in a mystery. Spooky-Doo, where are you?
No, it's simpler than that. If Spooky uses the names three times, he'll be forced to obey Puck. At that point, Puck could make him tell the Queen the names.
I have to say why do still respect puck's cleverness. I can't help but wonder what he's got in store for spooky. This plan has obviously been a long time coming . I don't know any thing but what you just said about patron but it sounds viable. I'll help out as i can
Is Spooky immortal? If not I can see a quick although unhappy method of getting out of this. Even if he isn't there are ways around it. ... Damn I am a cold person.
immortal? no even the fae can be killed but he is ageless for now.
Start a Patreon account. I would suggest not going over 3 a week. The amount of detail you put into your comic is amazing, the last thing we would want is for you to get burnt out.
Well this is a disturbing turn of events. And definitely set up Patreon. It's an awesome service.
Imre Bellic
Darcy, I will support you in a heartbeat! Where do I sign up?
Please set up the patreon account. I would love to support you :) And three updates a week is fine - you are allowed a life beyond drawing if you want one ;)
You set up a Patreon account and I'll pitch in. I was sad to see the monthly subscription go away witch provided a few extra benefits then those not paying. Besides if it helps keep the comic going and relieves some of your stress and financial burdens then I'm game.
We are thinking of doing the same thing for Johnny Saturn. I'd set up Patreon - you have only to gain from this as we all love this comic.
I'm definitely in favor of a Patreon account. Would it work a bit like when you had the Supporters side where the Patreon would be a bit ahead? Just curious. But I also echo that I don't want you to push yourself too much. If you can handle 3 pages a week, stay with that. Don't feel you have to go to 4 or something. And if you want to take a bit of time off to build up a buffer, I am for that too. Heck, I think you should allow yourself more than 7 days for vacation time. I know I've been absent for commenting lately but I did want to let you know I have really been enjoying this story too.
I remember back in the day, in order to gain access to the newer content we had to pay about $30 per year and i was fine with that. The updates were fun, we got two per week and I was happy and every now and then we'd get some wall paper. People like the creator for Dreamland Chronicals doesn't even start the next book until he has enough money from a Kickstarter campaign to fund it. That is always a suggestion as well. Have a set amount you need to be paid in order to do the next issue. Start it like now and for 30 days or 15 or whatever it goes. During that time you can work on a buffer. If the amount goes over what you need, you get incentives, ect ect ect. More you put in the moar stuff you get. It might even be a good idea to help get rid of old stock you have left :)
Greetings. For those looking to help out in the short term, please click the PayPal Donate button. Thank you! Long term, I think that Patreon is a great idea.
Why will he have to? Did he not swear an oath to the Queen to obey her commands? Does she not have to simply order him to tell her the names, believing that she must know them due to Pucks meddling? Simple.
I don't have that much spare cash a month /sad
I'd happily pay that $12, Darc! This comic is way too awesome not to support, and since I've done it before, I'll happily do it again. ^^
I wish that I could help in any other way then to buy printed copies of your great work, Darc.
Have you thought about what KB Spangler is doing at to raise money. Making back stories for minor characters into ebooks. Surely that is easier on the carpels (if you have someone to proof) best wishes